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Tips for making your photos better

What are great tips for making your photos better? Photography has been popular for a long time. At its best it can capture special memories. For bloggers it has become an essential tool to bring more people to your platforms to read your words. My tips would be to invest in

My daughter is autistic and that’s OK

My daughter is autistic and that's OK. First and foremost she is my amazing child and I love her. This is one of those blog posts which I start not quite knowing how I will end but that's fine too. When my daughter was born, the major thing that nobody mentioned

Men vs women — who takes longer to get ready?

It’s an argument that crops up in many households — just who does take the longest to get ready before going out? Together with Frank Wright, a British footwear brand that offers high-quality men’s leather boots, we take a look at spending figures and grooming habits to determine who takes

Helping Your Kid Adjust to Living on Their Own

When it comes to your child moving out of the home to go attend college, there’s nothing that can really prepare you. Their first year, of course, will be a breeze – they will likely live in student accommodation, be able to meet friends, and in some cases won’t even

What causes insomnia?

Insomnia is one of those things that can affect us at any stage in our lives. The  more we stress about it, the worse it seems to get. Lack of sleep makes life's challenges so much more difficult to cope with.  What causes insomnia? Physical and mental health issues Physical health issues can

Driving offences and where to seek advice

Driving offences are of course wrong but they happen and can bring heaps of stress with them for all involved. I remember a close friend of mine inadvertently committing one just after passing her driving test. As she was in pupillage to be a barrister at the time, she got so

Reflections on control – Best Boot Forward

I was going to write a post about all the things that have had control over me in my life for this week's Best Boot Forward. I may do that but for now I hope this will fit in with the theme of control. My husband has just stormed off again

What you must have at your new office workspace

Having a nice workplace in your office surely has a positive impact on your productivity. There are so many ways to make your new office workspace fit your office principles of taste and efficiency. So that you don’t have to run around the office looking around for the things you need.

My Rich Prince – Book Review

My Rich Prince appealed to me as it claims to offer valuable advice to teenagers and young adults. I have a teenage boy and  teenage girl. As with most chapters of my children's lives the time where they are on the cusp of adulthood has crept up on me and