You probably have your holiday booked already. You have found a good flight, booked some wonderful accommodation and put your spending money together. What are the things to remember as you prepare for your holiday?


You can avoid a lot of hassle later if you are completely sure what documentation you might need in the country you are visiting. Imagine not having the visa you require as you arrive at an airport. Check and double-check that  you have exactly what you need with you when it comes to paperwork. Sometimes you will need confirmation of the address you are staying at and sometimes you will need your passport with you after you arrive for days out. Be prepared!


You have saved up but do ensure that you have a little buffer money wise for unexpected happenings. Having a contingency fund just makes sense and can relieve so much stress. To think more positively,  imagine yourself saying yes to your children if unexpected treat opportunities head your way.


Ensure you have the required travel vaccinations for the country you are visiting. I well remember my brother visiting Kuwait and coming back very ill with hepatitis having chosen not to have his jabs. My top tip is to speak to your doctor as soon as you decide what country you are going to visit on holiday. Consider any particular health risks you may face and have relevant pharmacy items packed. As we are talking about health don’t forget sun protection and something to fight the bugs too. Double-check that what you intend to take with you can be taken to your destination.


Ensure that you have arranged good quality care for your pets well in advance. I remember arranging with my brother for my dog to stay with him and my parents. I duly delivered the dog on the morning we were setting off and my mum hit the roof as she had not been consulted. It was resolved but it made things unpleasant on a day I thought would be happy.

Travel Insurance

I am lucky that my Dad worked in insurance so I know the importance of travel insurance and also what can go sadly wrong when you don’t have it. Hopefully your travels will go swimmingly but if they don’t, it is good to have the peace of mind of having travel insurance in place. Bupa Global offer travel insurance so visit their site and get a quote today.

What would you add to my list of things to remember as you prepare for your holiday/


































My Random Musings

The sun has the effect of making us want to go out and have some fun. This can be costly though, especially if you have children to pay for as well. However, it doesn’t have to be; if you plan carefully and take advantage of any special offers that some of the summer attractions have.


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Theme Parks

If you have two or three children, the cost of getting the whole family into a theme park can be enormous. It can cost you more than your weekly shop just to get in the gates before you do anything once you are inside. Theme parks are also the sorts of places that will have put discount codes on some websites though, or in some shops. They often related to a reduced price per person or a special discount if there are four or more of you. This can make a big difference to the cost of the entrance fees, so keep a watch out for the theme park voucher codes.

If you plan to go to a theme park and stay overnight, using Premier Inn voucher codes instead of staying onsite, can also work out cheaper when you have a large family to look after, so it’s always worth looking carefully at your options.

Not only that, but some of the supermarkets allow you to exchange your loyalty points for deals with the larger theme parks and that is worth checking out as well.


These days, museums are very child-friendly and often have an area dedicated just to the kids. But best of all most of them, are usually free. They can be the perfect antidote for the cries of boredom on a wet and rainy day.

Science museums are usually great fun for them as often there are experiments they can take part in.

Kids Love Picnics


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Take the kids to your local park, or the beach if you live near the coast and want a really cheap and cheerful day out. As long as they have a ball or something else to play with they can be happy for hours. Take a picnic with you, as children love to eat in this way. Also, pack plenty of fluids for them and then you might find that the most you have to spend is on an ice cream for everyone.

Use Your Back Garden

Why not invite a few friends, and let the children do the same and have a barbeque in your back garden. This need not cost much at all as most people now accept that they should bring food and drink with them. This is all just put together for everyone to help themselves. Some people love this idea as it lets them show off their cooking skills.

If you do not have a barbeque don’t let that stop you. Just have a table ready for everyone to put their contributions on and let them know any food should be cooked before they bring it.

This saves you standing over a hot stove, and lets you enjoy the get together along with everyone else.

A Bit Of Imagination


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A bit of imagination is all it needs to entertain your kids cheaply. Consider bike rides or the local swimming baths as well. These are both things you and they can enjoy without spending too much money. Have fun!

You Can Save Money On Those Speical Summer Days Out


My Random Musings

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Sharing  my highlights of the week helps me stay positive. Counting your blessings really does work when it comes to maintaining happiness.

Better health

I have overcome a nasty urinary tract infection which laid me low for a week. I was so miserable with it and it followed a different infection recently so I was that bit sorry for myself. Gallons of cranberry juice, no caffeine or booze and some pills seems to have just about cleared it up.

Nights out

I have had a couple of nights out including a wonderful one with my teenager son watching the football with our local community. There were chips and a gorgeous  mojito. How have I managed to get to my age without sampling this delight? I have always favoured rum so goodness know how I have missed out but I won’t be doing again!

Gentle days

I wake early due to my husband’s overtime and as he is so busy, we can’t do much so I have gentle days including the odd nap in  the afternoon. The house and gardens are beautiful and if I get bored I can go and visit our lovely goats.


I have so enjoyed the World Cup this time around. How lovely to see a team we can be proud of working as a team instead of as superstars in their own right. How great to see good behaviour too on and off the field. I sense football may be changed forever.

Cave rescue

I was so thrilled when the first boys came out of the Thai cave. It just goes to show the hopeless situation can be turned round. Their parents must be so relieved. Again it was great to see folks working as a team and across nationalities to make a difference.

Other joys including  listening to music into the early hours of the morning, getting my son a new phone and some gorgeous salads. I have also managed to get to a new place with a few situations that have brought me pain over the years. I will be blogging!

Not a bad week overall.

What are you highlights of the week?


div align=”center”>My Random Musings