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To my son on his 17th birthday

What do I say to you on your 17th birthday? Shall I start by telling you how grateful I am that you came to me at 2 minutes past eleven in the morning on this day many years ago now. I remember the fascination of what you looked like after

Different types of bridesmaids and why you need them around

Deciding on your bridal party can be difficult; you want your bridesmaids to be responsible enough to organise a memorable hen do but fun enough to keep you smiling during the stressful planning stages. A 2016 survey conducted by hitched revealed that brides have on average 3 bridesmaids by their

Different Genes book review

Different Genes is the first full-length novel from author Claire Baldry. I was interested in reading it as it has adoption as one of its themes. Different Genes The novel opens with a funeral scene and we meet Simon who is a stranger watching from a distance. He meets a male mourner

Education charity’s safeguarding actions

Education charity School-Home Support (SHS) has released its annual Impact Report, showing that the number of actions taken regarding children at risk from harm has risen dramatically. In 2016/17, the number of safeguarding interventions the charity’s practitioners had to make had more than tripled over the past six years*. Safeguarding actions SHS’s

5 things you should know about the morning after pill

5 things you should know about the morning after pill Your sexual health is important, so it’s vital that you’re in the know when it comes to the morning after pill. This type of emergency contraception can prevent pregnancy if you have unprotected sex. Regardless of whether you think you’ve got

Eleven moving home tips

Moving home tips are on my mind after our recent house move. Moving home can be a huge source of stress and a little thinking of things in advance along with some home comforts when you arrive can make all the difference. Moving home tips 1. Ensure you have changed your address

What is online screening and how do employers use it?

What is online screening and how can employers use it to find the right candidate? Recruitment in the past In the olden days which were not that long ago, employers checked who they were recruiting largely by references from former employers and sometimes personal ones from people like priests or people with

How to design a good logo with Logojoy

How to design a good logo is a question anyone in business may have come across as they try to get their message across via effective branding. As a blogger and business person I am often asked to send across my logo and it can be one of those jobs that

Fanfiction, Wattpad and Writing Today

How many readers have finished a book and let their minds wander on to “what might have been”? Such is the premise for the swathes of fanfiction available on the internet (not all written by teen girls; then again, E. L. James was once just another female fan of Twilight…).

PJ Masks: Time to be a Hero Giveaway

Into the Night to Save the Day! Soaring onto DVD for the first time ever, PJ Masks: Time to Be a Hero provides little ones with the chance to join the superhero trio from Entertainment One’s hit preschool show for even more fun at home. Halloween treat Coinciding perfectly with Halloween, this

Period poverty and how you can help

Period poverty is in the news and rightly so. Periods cost money Did you know that British women spend around £19,000 on period products? This includes the cost of tampons, towels, pain relief and underwear. If we take a woman who menstruates for 40 years that works out at about £475 which depending

The Modern Face of Marriage

The Modern Face of Marriage is of course very different than how marriage was in the past. Marriage in the past My Mum and Dad married in 1950 and as in many marriages of that era, it really was until death us do part. What an achievement to stick together for almost

Flight delays and claiming compensation

Flight delays have the potential to wreck holidays and disrupt business plans. They can be under an hour or more than one day or anything in between. One delayed flight can mess up all the follow-up travel plans from getting a connecting flight to missing out on the public transport

Yorkshire seen on screen

My Dad worked in Bradford so I became very familiar with the iconic Little Germany which has been used in a number of films and TV productions over the years including ‘Wall of Tyranny’, ‘The Red Riding Trilogy’, ‘L.A. without a map’ and more recently ‘The Syndicate’. It used to