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9 tips for attending a blogging event

I was recently asked to share my tips for attending a blogging event. "Dear Kate on thin ice, This will sound really silly but I have blogged for a year or so and made some good online friends. I have seen the adverts for blogging events like BritMums Live 17. I would

Where Next For Groovy Mums and Me?

Last September, I was grossly overweight, fed up with my lot in life and hoping to find paid work. My instincts told me I would only change with the back-up of other women.  I decided to set up a blog hop and was so pleased when other mums came forward and

Get Creative With Scrapstores UK.

As part of my promotion of diverse charities throughout June 2012, here is a guest post from Scrapstores UK. Let’s start an epidemic and make creativity is contagious There is an exciting epidemic sweeping across Britain and its called Scrapstore syndrome. Closely related to make-do-and-mend-alitis the symptoms are known to be highly

How to Teach Young Kids to Properly Interact with Dogs

Dogs are great companions for people of all ages and sizes. They’re goofy, lovable and give you sweet licks when you’re feeling down. Even more, there are breeds that are absolutely great with kids! Still, when it comes to our youngs, they need a few guiding lessons to interact the proper