For those who live in Cincinnati and are parents to a teenager, you know better than anyone how difficult it can be to keep them busy, happy, and out of trouble. Even if you don’t live in Cincinnati, for example, you are just planning on visiting with your teenager, the same problem exists. Finding activities that are teenager appropriate and fun is key. Rather than spending all kinds of time researching events and activities, or worse yet, dragging them out to things that end up a total bust, we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of fun things to do with teens in Cincinnati. So let’s jump right in.

The Cincinnati Escape Room

If you want to make a splash with your teen and be seen as the “cool parent” then you’ll want to take them to the Cincinnati Escape Room through Breakout Games. This is the real-life version of the popular escape room apps. You will be placed in a locked room and given 60 minutes to escape. Escape is achieved by finding clues hidden around the room, then using those clues to solve puzzles. It’s just the kind of unexpected activity that is sure to put a smile on even that hard-to-please teen’s face.

Coney Island – Take in All the Thrills and Adventures

Amusement parks are always a crowd pleaser with teens, it seems, which is why a visit to Coney Island is a great idea. Known as Cincinnati’s playground, Coney Island has been in business since 1886. You’ll find a huge variety of rides and attractions, a water park, and special events throughout the season. Be sure to check out the Coney Island website for information on hours of operation and the special events taking place.

Take in a Baseball Game

If your teenager is a sports fan, then tickets to a Cincinnati Reds baseball game is sure to be a hit. For an added bonus, the Reds are constantly holding promotions, contests, events, and giveaways. You can check their events calendar for more information. If you want to make a real day out of it, you can also visit the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum to learn more about the famed-team.

Discover What Fountain Square Has to Offer

For those who are conscious of budget, Fountain Square is ideal. This square is found downtown and is constantly hosting free performances and concerts. It can end up being quite the hip and happening place, especially during the warm summer months.

Non-Stop Fun and Entertainment at Scene75 Entertainment Center

If your teen is all about hands-on activities and games then the Scene75 Entertainment Center is the place to be. The center features 120 arcade games, 10 attractions, and dining. It is billed as the largest indoor entertainment center in the country.

Keeping Your Teen Happy and Busy

Each of these activities is sure to keep your hard-to-please teen happy and, best of all, entertained. You’re sure to earn brownie points for these activities.


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Inflammation is our body’s natural reaction to injury and infection, causing redness and swelling. Whilst healthy in small doses, chronic inflammation can lead to conditions and diseases such as arthritis and cancer. It can also contribute to aging of the skin and body by constantly putting the body under stress. Here are five ways that you can fight the effects if inflammation


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Consume less sugar

If you eat lots of sugary snacks or consume lots of soft drinks, it’s likely this will be making your inflammation worse. Such foods and drinks cause our blood sugar levels to spike, which in turn causes us to produce insulin which triggers inflammation. Consuming lots of sugar has been proven to make inflammatory conditions such as IBD, acne and arthritis a lot worse. Natural sugars like fructose as found in fruit aren’t so dangerous as the body is better equipped at getting rid of them – it’s the sugars found in cakes and cola that you’ve got to worry about.

Take a hot bath

Another way in which you can reduce inflammation is by taking a hot bath. In fact, it’s often advised by doctors for those that have a bad back. The hot water in a bathtub not only relaxes muscles so they’re not pulling as tightly, it’s also be shown to lower cortisol levels causing high blood sugar levels and inflammation.

Try natural supplements

Whilst you can take medication to ease inflammation and numb the pain, relying on meds isn’t always healthy as they can be addictive. Natural supplements could be worth trying out as a way of fighting inflammation. These include supplements such as turmeric, ginger and omega-3 fish oil. Make sure to always read the label on the bottom as certain supplements may not be advised in certain conditions (for example, taking fish oil supplements whilst also taking aspirin or blood thinners could have a negative effect).

Get enough sleep

It’s when we’re asleep that our body does most of its healing. Infections and injuries causing inflammation may be going unhealed as a result. In fact, a lack of sleep could even make inflammation worse – when we haven’t had enough sleep, our body produces the stress hormone cortisol, which makes inflammation worse. Scientists have also found other correlations between lack of sleep and inflammatory diseases.

Stay active

People with inflammatory diseases like back pain used to be advised to stay in bed by doctors, but newer research suggests that its better to be active. Mild exercise is thought to slow the deterioration of joints and improve mood and sleep. Certain activities may be better for people with inflammatory diseases than others – if you’ve got joint problems the likes of running and jumping should be avoided, whilst swimming and yoga are recommended. When it comes to severe pain, you’re better off resting, however milder chronic pain is likely to be made better through exercise.

5 Ways To Fight Inflammation

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We are definitely a male-dominated household with two sons aged 12 and 17 and my husband plus 2 male dogs. We had to get a female kitten to redress the balance a bit recently.

I digress from the point of this post which is to describe the various clothing choices of the male members of my family.

My youngest son is very easy to buy for and knows exactly what he likes in the style stakes. He loves Saltrock clothing in particular and likes zipped hoodies and leggings preferring to be comfy at all times.

My husband used to wear suits most of the time and my children used to despair that he never wore casual clothing. That has changed recently with him working from home and relaxing that bit more. He has suddenly started buying T-shirts with fun slogans and is more likely to buy a pair of jeans than a new suit. This is a huge change for him!

My oldest son is trying to find his own style which I guess is normal at 17 years of age. He is absolutely man-sized now however much I still see him as my little boy. He is taller than his Dad by some way now which he really enjoys  of course. He has suddenly had yet another growth spurt and I have promised to buy him some new clothing. I usually buy from George at Asda as it is quick and easy to get an online delivery. However, I have recently looked at other brands. River Island have a brilliant offer on jeans where you can get a discount if you buy two pairs and my son particularly like the Black Dean Straight Leg ones. As a mum I am delighted the jeans come in different leg lengths recognising  that men and boys do come in different shapes and sizes.

In fact, with such affordable prices which to be honest surprised me, I might add a pair or two for my husband to my next order too.

Men Swear By River Island For Jeans


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When you are looking to reinvest your money into a fruitful enterprise, a great place to look is the hospitality sector. Unlike choosing a restaurant, however, think bigger. A private golf club has all the bells and whistles that many premium resorts do, only instead of a waterfront, you have the golf course. Private golf clubs further have many advantages over public ones, namely being in the quality of the guests who attend. Golfers who attend a private golf club are three times more likely to visit to play golf. Many of these players are also very loyal to the club they choose. It is this very loyalty that can make owning a private golf club so lucrative.


The Economy is Right

We are leaving the recession that had plagued industry growth for the last few years and the economy is booming. Further, the travel industry has been booming, and will likely continue to boom as travel options become more affordable for the everyday person. By creating an all-inclusive getaway for your members, you can become a staple to their holiday plans, regardless of whether they live nearby or need to take a plane to visit. To achieve this more global reach from your members having custom memberships and great incentives both in terms of rewards and in terms of services you offer you can become a five-star getaway in no time.


You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

There is no reason you should avoid investing in an old golf club if you don’t have experience in the area. If you’re wondering what country club management companies do, they can help you market your golf course, organize food and drink, and can offer world-class designs and lifestyles. Rely on the professionals, and you’ll have a quality golf club that your customers will enjoy.


Marketing Can Quickly Increase Membership

You don’t sell the sport of golf when you market, you sell the lifestyle. You sell the weekends away at the beautiful golf course, dining on delicious meals and enjoying the serenity and peace away from the busy city. Marketing your golf course by using social media, influencers and other similar tactics can help you gain the attention of new members. It is very hard to tempt loyal members away from another club, but by using social media to speak to the millennial generation, you can gain new lifelong members.


Offer rewards for staying, quality service, and beautiful sceneries, and you can make the most of your investment. The beauty of a private golf club, after all, is its relatively stable membership fees which can help you more accurately reinvest and budget your investment for the future. Unlike catering to the public, which relies on marketing for new customers all the time, offering a private club allows you to create long-lasting relationships. Repeat customers are the way to go, and by achieving these loyal members, you can ensure the best investment for your money.




One recreation that everyone looks forward to is a vacation, and when you get to spend the vacation traveling, it can’t get any better. If you are a vegetarian, you might have some reservations about the food that would be available at various places because most of the places can be, unfortunately, mostly meat oriented. That doesn’t mean that you cannot procure vegetarian food at will. You just need the right amount of guidance and some useful tips to solve your culinary problems, and the vacation will become a more enjoyable one. The following particulars are to be kept in mind if you are a vegetarian traveler.

Do thorough research before leaving

Due to the advent of the internet, the world is at your fingertips, so it is always recommended to do some research about the type of food available in the places you are going to visit. You can put in your preferences and earmark certain places and restaurants which you feel can suit your needs. For more information regarding the same, you can visit websites like Vegan Food Lover. You are sure to stumble upon some choicest vegetarian delicacy.

Get accustomed to the phrases used related to food

Once you know the common dialect related to food, it will be easier for you to guide service providers and to especially make them aware of what to avoid. You may be allergic to certain ingredients and learning the local name for them will ensure that you can communicate properly and put your point across more convincingly. Learn the local language for saying phrases like you don’t want meat or egg in your dishes.

Stock some vegetarian treats

You can keep small treats, which are essentially vegetarian, in case you want to munch on them. Banana chips, tapioca chips, granola bars, peanut butter bars, ginger bars, and many more such items are not only tasty but will also satisfy your requirements.

Inform at your accommodation

You can have your meals in your hotel room if you plan to stay indoors during meal times. Notifying your hotel or whatever accommodation you have chosen, about your preferred food choice will simplify matters as they will know your preference and suggest foods that are suitable for you. Moreover, they will be well-informed about the local cuisine and also will be able to guide you better. They might even point out the best vegetarian restaurant for you.

Carry substitutes

You can always carry a small bottle of your favorite soy sauce and ask the food vendor to put it instead of the traditional fish sauce. Furnishing them with a suitable replacement makes it much easier for both of you.

Shop for your own grocery

Many hotels come with a kitchen. You can go to the local market and buy groceries and cook them yourselves. It will be a good cultural experience too.

Being a vegetarian is not a big problem, and if you take the necessary steps, it will take a backseat among the points of concern and the vacation itself will come to the forefront.






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