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Home education – how we are finding it

We started home educating in September. I have always fancied the idea of home education but Him Indoors was never convinced so our children went to school. My daughter' mental health was affected by her negative experiences at her new school and we could not let that continue. She did not

Weight loss journey – Week 1

I started a healthy eating programme one week ago. This time it has to be different as my health is suffering through carrying far too many stones. I stepped on the scales today and noted my weight loss - 5 and three quarter pounds in just one week. I am eating a

The Bazaar Bag – giant bean bags review

Are you looking for a great bean bag? I have always liked bean bags. I used to have three huge ones as a child in silver, gold and red. However, the ones I have bought my children have often proved disappointing particularly when it comes to them splitting and the fillings

Prozac and Porridge

My big reason to be cheerful is that I am sorting myself out. I started taking my happy pills and am amazed how much better I feel. There is less noise in my head. When a negative thought hits, it seems to melt away and be replaced with a

I am fat and I know it

There is something wrong with me. I have to see a Practice Nurse to discuss too much sugar in my blood. Which means I am presumably either diabetic or prediabetes, neither of which are good. I cannot keep abusing my body particularly with lack of exercise and

Uncomfortable around poppies

Why am I uncomfortable around poppies? I went to the supermarket the other day. We had a quick snack at the café and as we walked in I notice a desk laid out with poppies and an elderly woman and gentleman looking after the stall. I hate walking on

Tricks for mums

This post was supposed to be written on Halloween but ill health kept me away from creative blogging. Better late than never and if anything, the whole Striking Mums concept says it is OK to take a break when we need to and to forgive ourselves if things don't

More questions and answers

They say in life you should get the answers right. It is more of an issue when you get the questions wrong! So take two of questions and answers set by the marvellous Sonya.What was the first record you ever bought? I loved Ken Dodd and the Diddy Men's album

Mums and labels

Last week's Striking Mums post was about style but when I talk about labels this week I am not talking about designer ones. I am talking about the labels used about us by ourselves and others, the things that I said to identify us. Like other mums, I carry the

A love story

64 years ago my Mum and Dad got married. They met two years previous to that when my Dad was on home on his last leave from the Royal Navy. Mum had reluctantly agreed to attend a New Year's Eve party with her friend. She recalls trudging across farmer's fields to