Winter isn’t just for ski holidays. In fact, it could be the perfect time for escaping to the beach. Here are just a few reasons to go away in winter rather waiting until summer to get your vacation in.

Winter Sun

Many places are still hot

There are lots of places to catch some winter heat. The likes of the Caribbean, South East Asia and Central America are hot all year round. Then there’s the entire southern hemisphere, which is currently in it’s summer as we’re having our winter. Those wanting a European holiday may struggle a little bit more – the likes of the Canary Islands are your safest bet.

Your body is craving the sun

A mixture of cloudy weather and reduced sunlight hours makes it harder for us to get our healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun. Many of us that work 9 to 5 jobs may not see the sun at all during the week. Vitamin D is important for our skin’s health. It’s also been linked to good mental health – too little vitamin D can lead to seasonal affective disorder and make many people depressed. A trip to a sunny location in winter could be just what your body and mind needs.

It’s cheaper

With less demand in winter, holiday companies often slash their prices to try and get more customers. You can save a lot of money on flights and hotels in winter as a result. Not only that, but you may be able to find deals on holiday items such as swimwear. Christmas is usually a little costlier, as people may be flying home to see family or spending the festive period on vacation. However, January through to March is always a lot cheaper. If you want to plan a budget holiday, save up for this period of the year rather than saving up for summer.

It’s less crowded

Less demand also results in many attractions and resorts being less crowded. This could mean not having to fight for a sunbed in the morning or not having to queue for hours to get on a theme park ride or being able to take a clear photo of a famous landmark or natural wonder without other people blocking the way with their selfie sticks and tablets. All in all, winter could be great for getting more done with your holiday. You’ll also have a more peaceful stay as there won’t be as many people crowded around the pool.

There are less pests around

In winter, you may not have to worry about pests like wasps and ants as much. These bugs generally only come out in the summer after long heatwaves. This could make eating out in the evenings a whole lot more relaxing as you’re not having to constantly swat away wasps or keep sugary snacks contained from ants.

There are still things going on in winter

The biggest downside of going away in winter is that certain facilities may be closed. Whilst some resorts and hotels are open all year round, restaurants and theme parks may be closed in certain areas. You may not get famous DJs touring the party islands and certain tours may not be operating.

That said, this is very much dependent on where you go. You’re always going to be able to enjoy the theme parks in Florida, just as there will always be restaurants to go to in Barcelona.

Besides there may be other things that you can only take advantage of in winter. February is carnival season in many Catholic countries, which can be a great experience. There may also be special Valentines attractions on running all the way throughout February. Visiting at the beginning of January may even allow you to experience some of the late festive cheer without having to pay full price as you might over the Christmas period.

Why Winter Is The Perfect Time For A Vacation In The Sun

My Random Musings

Have you heard of the Aussie flu? This outbreak has hit the UK as many readers will already know.

It’s a timely reminder that prevention is better than cure and looking after yourself and your family is so important.

Are you sure your bodies are getting the right nutrients?

How you can protect yourself against Aussie flu?

Babi Chana, Nutritionist and Biochemist for Wiley’s Finest, has explained why Omega-3 is the essential nutrient to help our immunue system.

“Omega-3 fatty acids help our immune system and fight infections such as colds and flu. They build healthy mucous membranes – the delicate skin that lines the airways and digestive systems, which act as a first line barrier, guarding against entry of germs into the body.”

“Omega-3 EPA produces ‘eicosanoids’ that produce beneficial effects in the regulation of inflammation, immunity and blood clotting.”

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The Orange Liquid is great as you can incorporate it into juices.

Protect Yourself Against Aussie Flu

The Beginners DHA is great for toddlers. It can easily be incorporated into yoghurt, smoothies and baby food. It also comes with a little syringe so you can easily put it into your child’s mouth (and adorable little stickers).

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Rachel Bustin

Undoubtedly, youth is the prime time of one’s age to do wonderful things. You are energetic, you don’t get tired easily, and you consider yourself invincible. But there is a slight downside to this as well. Youngsters often put off several things just because they think they’re not old enough to mull over them. Here, we will discuss some of the things you must take up at an early age for a more secure, prosperous, and better future.


The adage that young people always want to live in the moment has become a stereotype. This is often not the case, and it’s a good thing. Surely, one should experience the present to cherish the life at the fullest. But don’t forget that money is essential to achieve the peace of present and as well as of future. For that matter, investments are a great instrument. From mutual funds to stocks, there are different avenues where you can put your investment money in young age. By having an additional stream of income at your disposal, life will certainly be more beautiful.

Income Protection

Young people consider themselves indomitable but still can’t foretell future. No one is immune to unforseen illnesses and injuries no matter how vigorous and active they are. Therefore, a wise thing to do at a young age is to get yourself an income protection insurance.

They come in very handy when one is unable to work for an extended period of time due to any ill-fated incident. Income protection can help you in covering your basic recurring expenses in that crunch time. You can secure a good income protection package from Freedom Insurance.

Loan Protection

Mortgage payments are an ongoing thing and one has to keep on with them for a long period of time. If you are a young individual and supporting a family then you should get yourself a loan protection, especially if you are due with outstanding mortgage repayments. In case of a terminal illness or accidental death, loan protection will look after your loved ones by protecting them from foreclosure.

Physical Well-being

With better metabolism and responsive homeostasis, young people can afford to carry on with unhealthy life habits. However, it should be engraved in your mind that soon all this recklessness will catch up to you; and you will not be young, and you will not like it, and may not be able to afford it. If you think you are too young to bother yourself with all such things then you are wrong. Try to maintain your physical fitness in young age, not because it will help you in senior years but also because you will even need these good habits in your 30s and 40s.

Accident Insurance

It’s unfortunate but accidents have become a mundane affair in fast urban life. Statistics of deaths and injuries related to accidents also don’t draw a good picture. So, don’t think you are too young to get covered for accidents. Accident insurance can ease out any possible financial strains and will provide you with a piece of mind.

By acting on all these things, you can make it certain that you are living a responsible adult life even at a young age.







Getting beauty sleep isn’t as simple as going to bed early. Most of the time, there are a number of underlying factors that can prevent you from getting the sound sleep you deserve. Joy Richards, the resident sleep specialist at Happy Beds, shares her tips and tricks below.

Beauty Sleep

Make Sure You Unwind

It’s all very well making an effort to turn the light off earlier than usual, but if you’ve been busy doing a bit of ‘life admin’ until this point, your brain will still be wired.

Before you want to put your head down for the night, make sure you spend some time switching off from the working day. Have a bath and read a book, listen to some tranquil music and drink a cup of herbal tea – whatever works for you. I personally find a cup of chamomile particularly calming, and a drizzle of honey can take the edge off it if you find it bitter.

Beauty Sleep

Block Out Any Light

Light has a profound effect on sleep, so it’s essential that you create a sleep environment that eliminates your exposure to light come bedtime. If you have a street lamp outside your bedroom window, like I do, or your bedroom overlooks a busy main road, the glow of flashing lights is likely to disturb you.

I go to bed with a sleep mask every night and it makes a world of difference to the quality of my sleep – I’d be lost, and exhausted, without it!

Avoid Alcohol Before Bedtime

While it’s rewarding to have a cheeky glass of wine or beer after work, it’s not a good idea to continue drinking right up until bedtime.

You may find that drinking in the evening helps you to fall asleep, but you’ll also find that you won’t sleep the whole night through. So, if you’ve ever wondered why your sleep isn’t as restful after a heavy night out, blame the alcohol!

Swap your nightcap for a cup of cocoa and you’ll be on track to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Beauty Sleep


Invest in a New Mattress

A poor mattress can really take its toll on your back, causing pressure points that can result in pain and, in turn, disrupted sleep. If you struggle to attain high quality sleep because you’re in discomfort, don’t suffer; buy a new mattress.

It may seem like an extravagant solution but a decent mattress can last between five to ten years – and in that time you’ll get a lot of shuteye! Memory foam mattresses mould to your body shape, so no matter which position you sleep in, you’re in for a comfortable night’s sleep. If it’s time to update your mattress for a new one, I can’t recommend the memory foam enough.



These tips can completely transform your quality of sleep, and once you get into a routine of sleeping well, you’ll soon wake up in the mornings looking and feeling fresher!

About the Author

Joy Richards is the sleep specialist at online bed and mattress retailer Happy Beds. Check out more of her sleep-related tips and tricks at The Comfort Zone or, alternatively, browse the wide range of kids mattresses available and get a good night’s sleep every night of the week.

How To Ensure You Get Your Beauty Sleep