Boundaries were crossed in my life at the weekend. I will post about this in greater detail at some point but for now, I am using that experience as inspiration for my Best Boot Forward post.


The boundary of an area of land is an imaginary line that separates it from other places. It can be easy to forget that boundaries change over time perhaps through a change of Government or a war.

The boundaries of something can also mean the limits that we think that it has.

We also refer to personal boundaries and particularly at this time in history more than ever.

So this week’s questions to reflect on are …

  1. Have you ever crossed a geographical boundary whether a country, county or even an area of your town? What led to you doing that? How did that feel? What challenges did it present? What did you learn from crossing that boundary?
  2. As Best Boot Forward is all about improving our lives on baby step at a time, it is important to ask about the limits you place on your life? Perhaps you should jump across a self-imposed boundary or limit?
  3. Where do your personal boundaries come from? Where did you learn them? Perhaps they come from childhood or other powerful relationships in your life? Perhaps faith groups have had a part to play? Do your personal boundaries serve you well?
  4. Has someone crossed a personal boundary to your detriment? How did that feel? Did you find yourself blaming yourself instead of the other person involved? How do you communicate your personal boundaries and how confident do you feel in doing so?
  5. Do you have any tips or words of wisdom for other people struggling to set boundaries with people they find difficult whether friends, family, colleagues, neighbours or someone else?

Well, that’s it from me for this week and I hope these questions are useful to you in some way.

As always you can answer one or all of them in a blog post, on our Facebook group or just in your own heart and head.

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When I stared home educating, I found it difficult to know where to buy notice boards and white boards. I wanted them as I am old school I suppose and wanted to ensure that things were displayed in the home and not just on a computer screen or smartphone.


I started by picking up whatever I could find in charity shops from pin boards to blackboards. All too often they were too small for what I really needed.

When I looked in high street shops, the prices seemed crazily high.

I have recently found a great place to buy dry wipe whiteboards and was so pleased to hear about this and to see the prices which start really low and then go up if you fancy something like a whiteboard table – what an inspired idea!

I got even more inspired when I saw the magnetic glassboards available. The magnetic glass board is the modern version of a whiteboard.  Apart from the refreshing visual impact they provide an excellent writing surface. Aesthetically stunning glass boards are combined with the practicality of a high quality writing surface.

You can also stick various accessories onto the board with super strong magnets. So the days of trying to keep things stuck on walls with blu-tak are over!

I wish when I was in the workplace and had to give presentations and run training sessions that I had such tools to hand. Then it tended to be a wobbly flip chart stand at best with paper that would end up falling off. How much better to have something that screams professionalism and can be moved easily from one location to the next.

So whether in business, traditional education or home education environments,  TeacherBoards have just the thing for you.





Post Comment Love

Taking things for granted is one of the themes set for us by the lovely Chloe this week as we celebrate Best Boot Forward week 8.

Love Letter

One thing I and other women can take for granted is that the Best Boot Forward network will always have your back in challenging times and be there as virtual cheerleaders as you make positive changes to your life and world.

Back to my personal take on Chloe’s questions this week.

What do you take for granted? Do you take something or someone for granted and how does that effect your outlook on life? Could appreciating something or someone a little more help improve things for yourself or those around you? Is being able to take something for granted a total positive in your life too?

I think it is all too easy to take the people around you for granted. I think it happens a lot in family life and that it is a shame. It is only recently that I have started to realise that whilst feeling unappreciated myself, I was guilty of taking my husband for granted. I appreciate him more these days as we pursue a new adventure together. He is funny, he is caring if a little clumsy in how he expresses that sometimes and he gets me where I need to be and nearly always son time both literally and metaphorically.

I also think I have taken for granted that my children will always be around and that sometimes that can lead to a little neglect in putting other things above spending quality time with them. As they get older and will soon be making their own moves into the world, I need to cherish the now that I have with them. Work and other stuff should sometimes take a back seat.

Finally, I think I have taken relative good health for granted. That led to me not looking at my needs enough in a quest to be a perfect partner, parent and worker. As I hit middle-age, I need to realise the body is more vulnerable and to treat is at the shrine that it should be.

Could you change a habit to improve your life? Giving something up can be extremely difficult, particularly when we think about habits such as smoking, negative thought patterns or cake eating. Could you shake up your routine a tiny bit to change your habits or perhaps you could look at cutting down? What rituals allow you to partake in a “vice” and how could you avoid that?

I have changed my habits a lot recently and live a far more balanced and happy life. I am cutting down my alcohol limit aware that our new social life could take its toll on my liver. I am strong-minded enough to not be bothered when friends criticise me for sticking to soft drinks.

Negative thought patterns are all but gone although weirdly in very recent weeks, I have really hated my body. I can of course change how it looks but I am not quite sure where the self-denigration on my levels of attractiveness has come from in the last month or so.

I am looking forward to warmer weather so I can incorporate far more time outdoors in a comfortable way – it is freezing at the moment!

What good habits do you have or could you get into? Do you have a great morning routine which sets you up for the day or would you like to pick up a better work ethos? What practical steps can you take to get into these good habits. What advice would you offer to others on making good practices?

I think I have answered some of this above, another bad habit of mine! I don’t think I have ever had a morning routine really always counting it as a victory to get out of bed to be honest. I work hard but learn to do this at a more relaxed pace these days knowing the world really will not end if I take a break. I would like to look at my daily schedule to ensure there is more input with the children both on the fun and learning fronts. I also want to make a list to ensure the housework gets done to some sort of timetable rather than in a haphazard manner.

My advice to others on making good practices is to ensure your mental and physical health is at its best first and foremost. Then celebrate yourself as an individual and tell yourself you deserve the best quality of life as defined by you and then take baby steps to create it. Of course if you tap into a strong peer support network like Best Boot Forward, you are a huge step ahead of the life game already.

There are several theories floating around about naturally thin people and their body. Some attribute it to their genes and a strong metabolism, which does play a significant role in the process.


It is important to remember that skinny does not necessarily equate to being fit. Being underweight is also considered a sign of being unhealthy, with eating disorders on the rise, especially amongst men.

A good way to determine how healthy you are is by taking a look at your body mass index. Body mass index (BMI) is a unit that measures body mass depending on the weight and height of an individual.

This can be calculated for individuals falling in the age group of 18-65 years and it is different for men and women.

A person’s BMI is categorised in three ways; over-weight, under-weight and normal.

A BMI score between 20-25 is considered as healthy, below 20 is underweight and a BMI above 20 is considered to be overweight.

If your BMI deems you as underweight, it’s important that you gain some weight, but by taking a healthy approach.

Here we have listed some healthy ways by which you can gain some weight:

Start A Food Diary

Keep a proper track of what you eat and when, for a period of 14 days. By tracking your eating habits, it becomes possible for you to analyse your calorie consumption.

Based on this analysis, you can prepare a diet chart, which will help you devise a diet rich in the correct amounts of protein and fat.

Increase Calorie Consumption:

Initially, you can start consuming an additional 200 calories per day and you can adjust the intake based on how your body reacts to it. For instance, some individual bodies cannot sustain so many calories in a day. In such cases, you have to gradually increase your calorie consumption. You’re essentially retraining your body to eat how it should be.

You can also calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which helps you to calculate how many calories your body can actually take on a particular day. This can further help you to monitor and regulate your food intake.

Quality Matters!

There are people who believe that it is not what you eat that matters, but the number of times you eat that is important. This age-old myth doesn’t quite deserve the merit its garnered over the years.

Lets say that your diet plan consists of burgers, chips, fries or pizza’s all day long… One thing that can be guaranteed is that it’s going to do more harm than good in your pursuit of gaining weight healthily.

A right combination of whole-wheat, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and nuts are all you need for a healthy diet.

Do Not Ignore Quality:

Quality and quantity are both equally important when setting a diet plan. Eating healthily but at irregular intervals will not be effective. Consuming healthy food every two hours can help you gain weight naturally.

If you intend to gain weight, skipping a meal is going to do you no favours. Initially, you may feel full by eating at regular intervals but gradually your body becomes immune to your new eating habit.

In order to make the process easier for your stomach, spread calorie consumption throughout the day via different meals.

Pick Smart Snacks

It is wise to opt for smart snacks so that you do not feel stuffed or bloated the entire day. Choose snacks that are easily digestible. Heavy snacks can lead to you missing out on an important lunch or dinner, which as we’ve already pointed out, is an absolute no-no.

Nuts, dried fruits, yogurt, cheese and granola bars are all examples of healthy snacks that you can include in your diet. Being prepared and taking snacks with you to work will ensure you aren’t tempted to eat the wrong things when you are hungry.


One of the best ways to gain healthy weight is by hitting the gym. Regular exercise can help you build muscle and it will also help you feel better generally. You’ll have bundles of energy and feel less lethargic.

This indirectly increases your consumption potential. To ensure that you follow a proper routine, you can hire a personal trainer who can guide you along your journey to make sure you are doing everything you can to get the new body you desire.

This way you can gain weight at a comparatively better rate and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Drink! Drink! And Then Drink Some More!

Look to include healthy juices, smoothies and shakes into your daily diet. It is better to consume as much fluid as possible.

Drink fluids between every meal to ensure that there is a constant flow of calories. This way, you can steer clear of unhealthy and addictive beverages.

Eat Before You Sleep – Yes, Really!

We have all been victim to an occasional midnight craving. This is especially true if you have had a light dinner.

To avoid this, simply aim to eat before you sleep. Munching on some nutrient rich food before you sleep can help prevent those midnight cravings.

Lastly, it is important to eat healthy and at the right time in order to be able to gain weight consistently. A healthy lifestyle boosts your mood and makes it easier for you to maintain body weight moving forward.

Health Tips To Go From Skinny To Fit



Run Jump Scrap

Before becoming a parent and home-maker I did not think about flooring much. If I could walk on it that was enough for me. Flooring much like storage becomes of deep interest when you start a family. There are practical considerations but also the more time you spend at home the more attractive you want it to be. As a stay at home mum, any way to remember who you are in terms of taste and fashion is welcome. Let’s look at flooring trends for 2018.

I encourage you to check out online just how amazing laminate and wood flooring can be with the injection of vibrant colours and interesting shapes. I have never thought of flooring as an art form before but why not?

I am pleased to see that recycling is playing more of a part in our flooring reusing old materials in new ways. I am a bit late to environmental awareness but the more I look into the future of our planet, the more I see why we need to take action to protect it now. I am intrigued to hear how fishing nets can now be made into carpets for example. Similarly, I am fascinated at how cork floors can now replicate the look of wood or stone. Cacoa shells are another material used in 21st century flooring.

You can now personalize your flooring perhaps with a company logo or an inspirational quote.

Laser technology is now used to enhance the aesthetic appeals of our floors. Flooring is not as boring as I used to imagine. You might even want to experiment with different textures on the same floor. The world really is your oyster when it comes to the floor beneath your feet.

Of course carpets are a traditional way of injecting warmth and colour into the home but I am not a fan as they get dirty so easily. However, if you are a domestic goddess carpets and rugs are a way to express yourself. I do love how handmade carpets celebrating real craftsmanship are on trend this year. Artists are drawing on their own histories and the beauty of nature both of which are to be encouraged.

So what are your favourite flooring trends this year?

Flooring Trends