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Dear Matilda Mae

Dear Matilda Mae I imagine I am not the only one today who wondered whether to write you a letter at all. I am not a relation or a friend. I don't live near your family. It feels a bit uncomfortable to know what to do for the best.

The 5 ways to well being and groovy mums

Have you heard of the 5 ways to well being? I think they fit in wonderfully with what Groovy Mums is all about. They are ... 1. Connect 2. Be active 3. Take notice 4. Keep learning 5. Give You can read more about them here I connected this week by spending quality time with my husband. It

My week in photographs – Project 365

Here is my week in pictures. We experimented with selfies and this is the one that makes me look least awful. Still awful but less so than on the other attempts. This photo is a bit of fun and celebrates some quality time together as a couple this week. Things

Getting your groove back on Blue Monday

The media tell us that today is Blue Monday. How can you get your groove back on days that are blue? I have had a less than ideal week and sometimes felt distinctly like my groove was missing in action. The key to being a groovy mum is not to accept feeling

Win doll’s house accessories

Are you good at taking time to indulge in imaginative play with your children? I think it is important to do so as those sessions make for happy memories that last for years. I still remember playing shops with my mum back in the Seventies. I had a little

What does debt look like across the UK?

I used to advise people who were experiencing debt problems. I worked in several Citizens Advice Bureau across the United Kingdom. Sometimes people who are in debt find it incredibly difficult to deal with. It is common for debt to result in threats to mental wellbeing and a number

Are you a Groovy Mum?

Groovy Mums launched last week encouraging mums to think of themselves a bit more. That might involve rediscovering who you are and having a go at things you used to enjoy. You might want to take on a new project altogether or just to incorporate some little changes to liven