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Birthday girl

Friday 13th - my original birthday and my birthday today. Says it all you might think. Original birthday - an unwanted baby already destined for children's homes and "farming out" as a school peer once described my adoption. Then lots of lovely birthdays with my adoptive Mum and Dad.  I was with them

I’m a Celebrity Blog Fun – my answers

Check out yesterday's post if you want to join in with my fun idea based on the "I'm a Celebrity" television programme.  I was asked by several bloggers for my own answers to the questions posed. 1.What one thing about being a parent makes you scream “Get me out of here!” Right

Tesco toys and the Tesco Toy team

My tween son has reviewed Tesco toys. We were delighted that our youngest son was chosen to take part in the Tesco Toy Team after the casting day I blogged about yesterday.     He loves to perform and always has plenty to say.  We think that is why he was selected although as

Guess who is in the Tesco Toy Testing Team?

If you asked a child, what their dream role would be, I imagine Toy Tester would be right up there. My family were asked along to try out some Tesco toys just in time for Christmas.   They had such fun looking at a huge variety of toys. We were really impressed that after

A wake-up call

A mum wakes in the middle of the night Away from home She glances around and sees her family Husband and 3 slumbering babes She sighs contentedly And then it comes She wakes up properly Her husband dives out of bed Two boys look bleary-eyed Confusion A rush A recognition that this moment has been long practised for It needs to be

November is all about job search

The theme for the Gallery this week is November. November's theme for our family has involved a lot of job-seeking activities.  Every day has involved trawling job sites.  Most days have involved sending off application forms and CVs.  In November, most week days have seen job interviews all over the country.

Difficult times

I am half hoping nobody reads this as I feel awful about keep going on and on about the tough stuff.I know so many people are facing harder times but we are struggling a bit to keep upbeat all the time with this so-and-so ing redundancy situation.We have both had

Why won’t I wear a poppy this year?

Why do I feel so bad about poppies this year? Why will I not wear one and why does that bother me so much?I was brought up to respect veterans and current service people.  My grandfather was at Gallipoli and had his leg shattered in World War One.  My own father