• Snuggly Rascals Comfortable Headphones

    Snuggly Rascals Comfortable Headphones

    I was delighted to be asked to review Snuggly Rascals Comfortable Headphones for Kids. My children have a poor record with looking after headphones so these came in the nick of time after yet another pair broke. We need headphones in our family as we home educate so that the children are often doing their own learning listening to things online. Also they have very different music tastes with my son loving musicals and my daughter loving music from Japan. Sometimes I listen with them but sometimes I am busy with work or craving some peace and quiet. Snuggly Rascals have created comfortable headphones especially for kids that both look…

  • Protect Yourself Against Aussie Flu
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    Protect yourself against Aussie flu

    Have you heard of the Aussie flu? This outbreak has hit the UK as many readers will already know so it is vital to learn how to protect yourself against Aussie flu today. It’s a timely reminder that prevention is better than cure and looking after yourself and your family is so important. Make sure you are getting enough sleep for your wellbeing for example. Are you sure your bodies are getting the right nutrients? How you can protect yourself against Aussie flu? Babi Chana, Nutritionist and Biochemist for Wiley’s Finest, has explained why Omega-3 is the essential nutrient to help our immunue system. “Omega-3 fatty acids help our immune…