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History Heroes – games review

History Heroes are a range of games that are both fun and educational. We all know learning through play is incredibly powerful. These games prove that as you use them with your children. I love history anyway and as a home educator was very keen to review them. History Heroes History Heroes has

The personal expansion of education

It’s often at this time of year, when the kids go back to school and college courses start that we feel something is missing in our lives, as we get older; as this is the time of year for growth and personal expansion in terms of education .Image Credit Today, it’s never

Home education images

The phrase "home education images" makes me smile wryly. It appears with the growth of the number of home-educated children, there are many opinions about the potential damage home-educating families may be doing to their children. If you accept as I do that most parents do their best you will

Home education and reasons to be cheerful

Home education has given me many a wobbly moment over the last few years but this week has seen a huge shift in my thinking. I have a written plan to refer to that I devised. It keeps me on track and makes me reassured that the children are covering

Home education plan

I know it might not suit many home educators but I have decided I need a written home education plan to steer our days and to help me on those days where I wobble a lot about our decision to home educate. I thought I would share what we are

Home education guilt – a mum’s tale

Home education guilt is something that haunts me on days like today. I got up in a great mood but there was loads of housework to be done after a busy weekend. So as the children were happily doing their own thing including gaming and art, I prioritised cleaning and

A positive home education day

It is possible for us to have a positive home education day and I am committed to this being our new reality. I have worked out that because I am probably over-schooled, I need some structured aspects to our day or I feel too wobbly. This cannot be good for the

A challenging home education day

Yesterday was a challenging home education day which we all learned from. I had slept very badly the night before. My two home-educated children had a row about a game. This was a very silly time for me to try and encourage my 11 year old daughter to tackle some numeracy