Are you going to be selling your home soon? Before you put your house on the market, there are lots of things that you will need to do in order to improve the presentation of your home and ensure that it sells for the best possible price. If you want to get a head start, make sure to carry on reading for our top tips on things you need to do before selling your house.

Welcome Potential Buyers

One of the first things that you should do is make sure that your home looks welcoming from the front for potential buyers. Remember, this is the first thing that they will see when they arrive at your home and a good first impression is what will set the tone for the rest of your home viewing. We would recommend making sure that your door is in tip top condition, that you have cleared away any debris, there is no clutter lying around and that your lawn is mown and hedges are trimmed.

Pack Away Your Personal Belongings

When you are trying to sell your home, you should try and start packing away your things early. When you have a cluttered room, this can make your home feel much smaller and will deter any potential buyers. What’s more, having lots of clutter and personal items lying around can make it difficult for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. Pack away all things that you do not use on a daily basis and put them in storage a this will also give you a head start on your move too.

Lick of Paint

If you want to instantly freshen up your home but with little effort, then an easy way to do so is with a lick of paint. Give your walls a fresh coat of white or beige paint and keep things neutral as this is always more appealing to potential buyers, rather than having extremely bright colours.

Repair Broken Items

Before buying a home, potential buyers want to know that everything is in tip top shape, and this will ultimately be a deciding factor in how much they are willing to pay for the property. When selling a home, often the buyer will ask you to leave certain electrical appliances, particularly in the kitchen which could be things such as fridges, dishwashers, and washing machines. If any of these items are not in good working condition, take a look at who the manufacturer is and then head online to find an authorised repair partner. For example, if you have Electrolux home appliances such as a tumble dryer, washing machine or fridge freezer, then you can book a repair slot with who are the only authorised repair partner for Electrolux appliances in the UK. This will ensure that all repairs are carried out by a professional and having a full range of working appliances is sure to increase the value of your home massively.

Update Your Lighting

You would be surprised at how changing something as simple as your lighting can make a huge difference in your home. New lights can give a fresh look to your home and you can install new bulbs that will help to create specific atmospheres around your home. Accent lighting is also a great thing to use as a focal point in a room and you can use specific lighting such as those above paintings, to draw attention to specific selling points of your home.

Things To Do Before Selling Your  Home

Cuddle Fairy

Property ownership is not just about living in a home. You may also want tips on increasing your property value so that you can sell it on at some point. Perhaps your house is already on the market and you are finding it difficult to sell. Did you know there are tangible ways of increasing your property value by putting some effort into landscaping? I was impressed with a report from Sloane and Sons telling you the best ways to go about it.

First impressions

When a potential purchaser visits your home, it is great if they are impressed even before they get to the front door. It is a really good idea to tie in the period and style of your house with the outside space. Also ensure your outside space has interest and colour all year around because you cannot guarantee the date that your perfect buyer will arrange to call. If there is anything unsightly around such as a wheelie bin, work out ways to mask it from view.

Think about your ideal purchaser

Make it simple for the buyer so perhaps decking works well with a modern home whereas someone looking at an escape to the country may want roses around the door. Your estate agent is your friend as they will probably be far better than you at guessing what sort of individual or family are most likely to make you an offer. If in doubt research shows that a balance of grass, low-maintenance plants and a pleasant seating area appeals to many. Most purchasers will appreciate that there will not be loads of work to do when they move in but will also want the scope to stamp their personality on the outside space. It’s a balancing act.

Simple and effective landscaping tips

Sometimes things don’t have to cost a lot to make a big impression. Edging your lawn properly is one of them. Placing trellis to hide a bin or similar is another. These immediately promote the idea that your home is well cared for and kept clean and tidy. Having a shed means potential buyers can see storage possibilities or even an escape from other family members. A patio or decking area will have them dreaming of social events and barbecues. Lighting can be over-looked and yet makes a huge difference to the ambience of your outside space.

Consult the experts

If you are like me, you may not have a lot of gardening knowledge. The wonderful news it that people who love gardening also generally like to share their expertise. Talk to a green-fingered friend or family member. Call in at your local garden centre and ask for advice. If you really don’t have a clue and have let your garden go, consider hiring a landscape gardener.

For more guidance check out Landscaping Tips That Will Increase Your Property Value today.

Increasing Your Property Value Throught Landscaping




























My Random Musings

Most of us agree which room is the heart of the home but how do your transform your kitchen on a budget? Most families spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, eating and chatting together. It is often also the place where children do their homework or carry out hobbies. Kitchens matter so they are worth investing in but equally you don’t want to get into a heap of debt to get your dream kitchen.

Wonderful worktops

So many worktops are so dull. I find the better the worktop the more motivated I am to keep the kitchen sparkling clean which is of course a very good thing. I don’t like beige looking ones and I  think granite is getting a bit samey now too. I need style combined with practicality. I like the sound of Compac composite worktops which are moisture and stain resistant. Even better they stand up against cracks, chips, scratches and extreme temperatures. So it seems they are ideal for a busy family home like mine. I thought colours might be limited but am happy to report there are so many to choose from and my current front-runner is Compac Orange.

Luscious lighting

Lighting adds so much to mood and I need bright spaces. Again don’t stick to the tried and tested. Check out interior design magazines or online stores for the latest kitchen trends and go bolder than you normally would. You have signature dishes from your kitchen so why not have statement lighting too? Think carefully about the different lighting needs you have in your kitchen. In some areas safety and seeing clearly may be a priority whereas in another it might be more about creating a romantic atmosphere.

Cute cabinets

Cabinets cost a lot of money so make the most of the ones you have by painting them in your favourite colour and adding funky handles. If you want to be really bold in your design, consider different colours for different cupboards. Do you have enough storage space or could you add more cabinets perhaps seeing if you can find some second-hand? Often there is space on the walls for more storage whether cabinets or shelving. Shelving is cool too as it means you can a personal touch with plants, quirky or retro items and artworks.

Wow windows

I can tell you from bitter experience that I don’t think curtains work well in kitchens. You create a mess in the kitchen one way or another so you may be cleaning your curtains every two seconds. Invest in a roman, roller or venetian blind. I love colour and again the choice of blind can help make your kitchen express your personal style. By the way, floors are also a great place to show off your own tastes fashion wise from tiling to colourful laminates. Perhaps you are more traditional and would like a wooden country feel or even flagstones. Be realistic especially if you have children and pets and ensure floors and other areas of the  kitchen are as easy to clean as possible.

Small touches

Sometimes it is the smaller things that make all the difference. Choose compact appliances for your worktops so you have space to work with. I have just done this and bought a tiny but perfectly formed coffee maker. Add colour wherever you can to brighten your day from cushions to seat covers, from table-clothes to tea towels. It won’t surprise you to know that I often find retro kitchenware as talking points for my home from the charity shop.

Above all, transform your kitchen to suit your needs and if you don’t like a particular fashion, don’t follow it. Who knows? You might start a whole new trend yourself.

5 Tips To Transform Your Kitchen On A Budget

































Confessions of a New Mummy

Start with the foundations

Winter Lawn Care


The main feature of most of our gardens is the big patch of grass that we call the lawn. With it being the foundation of every garden, it makes perfect sense to prioritise winter lawn care and keep it looking lush even in the colder months. There are a number of ways that you can give your cold-looking lawn some TLC in winter.

Make sure to keep it clear of leaves and debris so it has room to breathe. You could take this further by using a rake or sharp-ish object to poke small holes in the lawns surface for aeration. This helps to allow air to reach the root system and makes for better overall lawn health. Instead of throwing the fallen leaves straight in your green bin, you could use them to make your own compost heap with a mixture of kitchen waste or shred them and place around the stems of your more delicate plants.

Another point to note is that the more you keep off the lawn, the better. As tempting as it may be to get stuck in with winter lawn care if your lawn is looking defeated, it’s a good idea to keep off as much as possible. This will minimise damage and allow it time to rest – even grass deserves a break once in a while!

Another option to keep your lawn happy is to book in some seasonal winter lawn treatments. Greensleeves offer a wide range of professional but affordable lawn care service all year round, so you can even keep your lawn thriving in freezing temperatures without having to lift a finger.

 Animal shelters

Winter Lawn Care


 Although winter lawn care is important, there are other aspects to consider. You could get crafty and create some animal shelters, whether these be for birds, hedgehogs, or bugs. This will encourage wildlife to enter your garden and most likely stick around, if they’ve got somewhere to keep warm. It’s always nice to look outside and see the garden full of life. Once you’ve made your shelters make sure they have food inside and you could keep track of the animals that you’ve noticed.


It seems like these days people are increasingly early with whipping out their festive decorations around the house. But there’s nothing saying that you can’t compliment your winter lawn care with some outdoor decor. You could create your own autumnal or Christmas wreaths or go and buy a pristine one from the local garden centre. Fairy lights are another guaranteed easy way to turn your garden into a magical winter wonderland, even if they only cost you a few pounds!

Winter Lawn Care

 Keep planting

It’s a common misconception that plants and vegetables cannot survive the winter. Hence many gardens get left to their own devices around this time of year. However, as well as keeping on top of your winter lawn care, there are plenty of trees, shrubs and vegetables that you can grow in your garden even in freezing temperatures. To keep your garden looking festive and winter wonderland-esque you could plant red berries along with white Clematis Jingle Bells. Using seasonal coloured plants is a great way to get your garden feeling christmassy without having to go out and buy decorations, because let’s face it, they cost a small fortune these days.

 If you want guaranteed results but think your winter lawn care would be better off done by the professionals, you can visit Greensleeves at or give them a call on 0808 100 1413.

Winter Lawn Care

Cuddle Fairy

Winter bedroom tips online all too often focus on expensive items. The reality is with three birthdays in one month and Christmas just around the corner, I am looking for more budget-friendly options. How can I make my bedroom a real sanctuary when on a budget?

I am sharing my top tips please see below:


I have always loved bedspreads. My mum always had so much bedding and we have bedspreads which changed over the years as she was always modern and updated on the latest trends from women’s magazines and television programmes. Bedspreads are great as they touch the floor. I think that really makes your bed look special and finished too after you have aired it when getting up in the morning. Mum loved floral numbers and I adore vibrant colours and before you decide check out the bedspread range on discount from Yorkshire Linen.


My older brothers tell me they can remember a time when they had blankets instead of duvets and my husband is the same. Thank goodness I came along when duvets were on our beds as that started a life long love affair. I think I might have invented the duvet day and the bigger the tog the better. When on a budget, I think you have to balance the cost against the likely length of time the duvet will last. Another trick is to buy one that can be both a Winter and Summer duvet so effectively you are getting two for the price of one.


There are all sorts of pillows on the market. I think my top tip is to try and keep them as long as is healthy so look after them with pillow protectors in the same way you look after your mattress with a cover between it and your sheets.

Winter Bedroom Tips On A Budget


Cushions are nice to have but I find they irritate my menfolk and apparently this is not uncommon. So I do without and let me daughter revel in her quirky cushion collection bought from things like craft fairs where you can often pick up a real bargain.


It is possible to have a snuggly Winter bedroom on a budget with a bit of savvy shopping and also an acceptance that you don’t need to give in to every short-term trend. Basics are better and stand the test of time if you go to quality brands with affordable prices.

Musings Of A Tired Mummy