When I was at home with my parents, I was very well aware of the term “My Chair” often delivered with an exclamation mark at the end. My mum had a chair just like the others in the room but she always wanted hers to be just for her. I did not understand it at the time and it used to make me quite angry as I hit teenage moods.

Now I am a parent myself, I can empathise. We give our all to our children. Finances tend to be applied to children’s needs and wants over our own. Everything that is really ours becomes that much more precious.

Mum would sit on her chair when watching television, chatting with friends or knitting. These days times have changed and so many mums are now working from home. Yes we like a cosy chair to snuggle up in on colder days but we also probably would like an office area with a chair too.

What chair do I associate myself with?

I had a good browse of the Furniture At Work site and chose the Hoxton high back leather chair because it says so much about who I am. I love leather and always choose it for jackets, sofas and car seats. It is easy to clean for a start which means a lot when life and work also involves children and pets. When it comes to fashion, I have a blouson red leather jacket that is now past its best but I find it so hard to get rid of. It is bright and makes me feel younger than I actually am.

This stylish chair comes in a striking and cheery red. I like to think I am striking and upbeat when at my best.  It is very generously proportioned which is great when you happen to be a fat-bottomed girl.

How does your chair reflect your style?


I need some ideas for redecorating the home we moved into a few months ago. It’s a gorgeous house but sadly the walls are death by magnolia. I hate magnolia with a passion. I have tried enhancing the walls with art and decorative plates but it is time for a proper project.

Redecorating can seem so challenging. In fact once I had a few drinks before painting my kitchen and it ended up a very dubious  shade of pink. I have no excuse as my Dad showed me how to paint properly. I used to love helping  him and remember spending evenings and weekends getting our new house ready when I was a teenager. He loved sharing his skills and stories and I was always ready to listen and learn.

My husband is not great at DIY at all. Of course, if you get the professionals in it can be a costly enterprise. The ideal is perhaps to have friends who just happen to have the skills you need. We are in a new area so don’t as yet.

Sometimes when redecorating I have gone down the wall sticker route. I remember surprising my step-daughter with a purple bedroom with stars and the like. I got in trouble as I put myself up a ladder when eight months pregnant to get the roof full of stars. I was alone in the house so it was very silly but I use the excuse that I was clearly nesting.

I should start with one room so perhaps will start on the third floor where my son hangs out. He is a cool kid so I think he would be very impressed with New York Wallpaper & Wall Murals | Wallsauce and this could set a great theme for the entire room with me adding American-themed bedding and  cushions. He will like it I am sure as his favourite T-shirt depicts New York.

Yes, that’s decided! I will just do one room at a time and see how I get on remembering not to have a tipple before I start!

Do you have plans to redecorate? Please leave a comment and let me know about your themes and colour schemes.

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When we hear the word French style, our imagination quickly runs to classy, elegant, and sharp pictures depicting the old world charm. Thanks to the era of renaissance, a number of French style paintings and furniture are left behind that speak volumes about the perfection, aesthetics, art and superior craftsmanship. French provincial furniture is also one such piece of art that is textured, elegant and enriched with fine details you will not find anywhere else.

The French provincial furniture was made using exotic roods such as mahogany and rosewood. Distinguished by ornately carved embellishments and delicate features, French provincial furniture was popular back then and is still popular now. The French provincial furniture you see today is actually a replica of the old furniture that was common in the areas of Lyon and Paris in the times of emperors like Louis IV, Louis XV and XVI. Ever since their creation, French provincial furniture and embellishments have had a special place in the interior décor industry. Not everyone makes the best French provincial furniture as it requires special craftsmanship such as the experts at christopheliving.com.au have.

There are some special features of French provincial furniture that make it all the more special and popular among the people who have an eye for detail. Here are some distinguishing features of this furniture that make it a popular choice.


1.     The Lines

French provincial furniture has lines that are really delicate. There are curves in the designs with embellishments and carvings that have a feminine appearance. This furniture makes you feel like you should be in your best manners and behavior as these classical pieces bring a peaceful serenity and dignity to the room. It makes the room look and feel calm, alluring, and inviting. This gives a delicate touch to the room that has a masculine aura.


2.     Natural Colours

Mother Nature is the inspiration behind the colours that are chosen for French provincial furniture. From beiges and whites, most of the colours in this furniture is close to the earthy tones. Wooden pieces are generally whitewashed and the fabric used in the furniture has colours you will find in a field of wild flowers. The most popular colours include pinks, greens, yellows, lavenders, and hues of different blues.


3.     Rustic Charm

French provincial furniture has a rustic charm and feel to it. They are made using rustic materials and gives your living space an old-world charm and feel. It takes you back to the previous eras where fine detailing and attention to every aspect of the furniture was the prime goal. A room of French provincial furniture makes you fall in love with the old-world style.


If you are planning to buy French provincial furniture, it is important to make sure you buy from experts. You also need to be careful around the furniture because of its delicate and fragile nature and the light colours that get stained easily. Bring the ultimate French aura to your home through French provincial furniture.




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Summer, a time when everything is in full bloom and the days are not only warmer, but longer too. We love Summer. Not only because it makes us feel great, but because it means that we can get out in our gardens and enjoy flexing our green fingers.

Whilst there are plenty of gardening activities that you can do during Spring, that doesn’t mean that there is absolutely nothing to do in the Summer. In fact, to help inspire you to get outside in the sunshine, while it lasts, we have put together the top 5 gardening activities that you can do throughout Summer.

Get out in your polytunnel

If you have decided to invest in a polytunnel, then the Summer is the perfect excuse to get out in it. Not only are you going to have a whole lot of plants to harvest (if they are edible) or trim back and replant if they are not. But there is likely to be plenty of jobs that you can get done too.

The great thing with polytunnels is that it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing outside (let’s face it we are not always blessed with the best summers) you can still get to work. However, if the sun is shining and the days are long, then you are likely to feel much more inclined to get out in the garden.

Keep up with your lawn

Lawn maintenance is something that you need to do all year round, however, during the Summer months, there is a good chance that your lawn is going to need a spot of extra help. This is particularly true if there is likely to be a dry and warm spell. If we have had a few days without water, then it is a good idea to apply a generous amount of water to your lawn. You should only need to this once a week and once the rain hits, then you can stop watering it. It may sound strange but a heavier, infrequent watering is much better than light, frequenting watering, as it helps the roots to take hold.

Take care of your roses

One of the most popular flowers to grow in the UK has to be roses. Summer is a time when any roses that you have are going to be growing at their strongest. However, they still need a helping hand. One of your Summer tasks is to deadhead your roses and feed them. By removing the dead flowerheads, you will extend the life of the bush and make sure that you keep enjoying your roses for as much time as possible.

You also need to ensure that you feed your roses. Liquid tomato fertiliser is a good addition as this will really help your blooms.

Make sure potted plants are kept watered

When it comes to drying out, you are likely to find that potted plants are amongst the ones that drying out the fastest. This is because there is no natural moisture from surrounding soil getting to them. This is particularly true during the Summer, when there is much less likely to be rain around. You need to regularly keep on top of watering your potted plants, particularly those that are in the sunshine the most, otherwise, you are going to find that you have crusty, dried up potted plants, which isn’t exactly a look that many of us will be going for.

Think about what you want to do in the Spring

There is no point spending all that time out in your garden, working on it, if from time to time you don’t actually sit out there and enjoy it. Once your jobs are done and your plants are all looked after, then the time has come for you to kick back and relax. You can choose to spend your time with family, reading a good book, absorbing the natural world around you. You can also choose to think about what you want to do in the Spring and how you can then in turn, be sat there next Summer enjoying all your hard work.

As you can see, Summer is a great time to get in your garden. You might just find that you spend a lot of your time looking after the plants that you have, rather than worrying about what new things to plant.




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The benefits of buying a used kitchen may not have crossed your mind before. I remember dreaming as a child that one day I would have the most amazing kitchen. I lived in small houses where sometimes the kitchen would also be part-lounge and part-dining room. I was sure I would have a luxury home one day and spent time looking at kitchen advertisements quite a lot.

Kitchens were and remain an expensive outlay for the home. There are the products themselves and fitting costs too. My cousin was a kitchen fitter and made a small fortune.

As I watch property shows, I notice how often the house viewers focus on the kitchen as the heart of the home. Many talk about changing the kitchen immediately they purchase the house. I imagine this is quite stressful when you have already paid a lot of money for a new home and the associated legal costs.

The Benefits Of Buying A Used Kitchen

So the first obvious benefit of buying a used kitchen is that you will save money. With the money you have saved you can focus on making some magical memories for your family perhaps with a holiday. The good news is you don’t have to compromise on quality when you go for the used kitchen option. We buy used cars without a second thought so why not apply that same logic to our kitchens?

Private householders and showrooms are the sources for used kitchens. Imagine getting an ex-display model at a bargain price or benefitting from someone who likes to stay bang up to trend and changes their kitchen look often. Savvy landlords have made use of used kitchens for years.

My second big argument for considering a used kitchen is that you will be helping the environment. We have so much waste and you only need to visit a local tip to see so much good stuff going straight towards landfill. Be part of the eco-friendly movement and buy a used kitchen adding your own personal touches such as funky handles or a repainting job.

Finally, if you buy a used kitchen, you wait less months and years to ring the changes and to cook up a storm.




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