Making eco-friendly choices is important. It took me a while to realise this. I was very late to the party in caring about the environment. Of course, having children makes you wake up and want to protect the planet and their future at least a little bit more than previously.

Eco-Friendly Choices

So why is it important to make eco-friendly choices and how can we do it?

It’s selfless

Well it isn’t quite selfless because protecting our environment makes it better for us as well as everyone else. However, it does mean you are thinking of others and that is always a great thing to do and brings its own rewards. We can live in our own tiny worlds or think about the bigger picture and take baby steps to make things better.

It connects us to future generations

Whether we are parents or not, there will be future generations and why should they have a worse time of it than we do?

It’s easy to do

Making eco-friendly choices often means little but powerful changes such as deciding what we buy to eat or how we deal with our rubbish.

It’s better for you and your family

Going green might mean growing your own food and buying locally. So you will be eating healthily and having a strong sense of community for starters. If the worst happens and your income decreases, you have a little safety net knowing you have a degree of self-sufficiency in place.

It’s social

When we work on a common cause we almost always make friends as a bonus. Get to know the stall-holders at your local farmers’ market. Join a recycling group, participates in things like freegle and friends will come your way who share your values.

It’s a powerful way to save money

I used to be a debt counsellor. I still remember a family who became self-sufficient and they paid off their debts so speedily in comparison with other clients as they were not at the supermarket and grew their own food. They also made their own clothing. Some eco-friendly choices like cloth nappies seem more expensive at the outset but save you money in the long run.

Get inventive when making eco-friendly choices for your home, business or school. For example even things like noticeboards and whiteboards can be eco-friendly as I discovered when checking out the Sundeala website. As you can see their products look the business but are also helping the environment and there’s a lesson in that.

Have you made eco-friendly choices? What do you get out of doing so?










You will never forget the sheer joy of holding your newborn for the first time. The sudden realisation that you were now responsible for a new real-life tiny human being was both daunting and exhilarating. Fast forward six months and you may be considering venturing back into the world of work. You adore being at home with your little one but you also hanker after a tad more mature company, and you want to feel professionally challenged once again. But do you want to swan back into your old role or do you want something else from your career? Take a look at these simple ways to get back to work with a bang after having kids.

Get Back To Work

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It’s a good idea to keep in touch with the office while you are away from work. It’s all too easy to become consumed by nappies, baby food and breastfeeding and relinquish all ties to your life prior to having a baby in tow. Try to pop into the office once a month, show your face and make sure people know that you are still very much around. Many bosses expect their staff to eventually leave when they head off on maternity leave. If you want to return, pass by once in a while and ask about the newest projects going on, the latest lucrative contracts secured and meet the newest additions to the team that you’ll soon be returning to.

Work On Yourself

While it’s very easy to think that you’ll have plenty of time on your hands while you are away from work, in reality, this is very different. A baby takes up a lot of time. Who knew? And they require support and looking after pretty much all the time. You’re not complaining though – you could just stare at your offspring sleeping for hours. However, while they are having a nap, consider venturing online to enrol on a course that will ensure that you obtain a qualification related to your industry sector. A wide range of courses related to operations management, MBAs and ITIL are now available to complete fully online making it a great way for the new mum on maternity leave to brush up on their skills and make themselves more employable at the same time.

Do Something Different

Just because you fancy heading back to work doesn’t mean you have to return to your old role. Many new mums find themselves pursuing their passions while spending time with their newborns and they end up making this a new career. If you love crafts, writing or even buying and selling antiques, you can make a career out of it from the comfort of your own home. This could give you the best of both worlds meaning you can take care of your little cherub while bringing in a healthy wage.

Becoming a mum doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to your career. Sure, your priorities will inevitably shift, but you can still enjoy a meaningful, worthwhile and enjoyable career.

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