Are you experiencing debt problems? Perhaps you are scared every time the postman comes with letters demanding payments or you might have suffered the shame of doorstep collectors and bailiffs.

Causes of debt problems

Most debt problems come about not through over-spending as such but rather through an unexpected change of circumstances whether that be a job loss, a new baby or illness. There should not be a stigma around money troubles but unfortunately there is. This means people don’t talk about things with others so everyone thinks they are the only ones leading to feelings of isolation and despair.

Personal experiences of debt

I first got out of my depth as a student at a time when credit was too readily available in my opinion and to youngsters who had no financial education to guide them.

I got my issues sorted out with the help of Citizens Advice and later became a money advice officer with them first as a volunteer and then on a paid basis.

Money advice

Usually, we would help individuals and families to work out how much was coming in and how much they were spending. We would look at methods for increasing income and curtailing unnecessary expenditure. Then we would make pro-rata offers to their creditors after sorting out priority debts such as housing costs and fuel bills.

The issue with some of these plans was that they could go on for many months or years. It can be difficult to keep going  when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Individual Voluntary Arrangements

There are other options available to tackle debt problems such as IVA’s where you can be debt free in 6 years and as much as 75% of what you owecan be written off. Of course, every way of dealing with debt has its advantages and disadvantages so you do need to consider things carefully including the pros and cons of IVA and whether they suit your individual circumstances.


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Who wouldn’t jump to have more money for their family if they could? You know your family deserve the best. You want to take them on holidays, buy them the best clothes, and ensure they have rich experiences. But how can you make more money for your family? Follow the 4 simple steps below:

Start Up A Side Gig

Starting up a side gig is fairly easy to do. It’s what many people who want to make more money set out to do. You don’t even need to start a business that requires a lot of your time and involvement, although you can if you like. Starting up a side gig could be as easy as becoming an affiliate for online sites and making a commission each time somebody makes a purchase.

Sell Stuff You Don’t Want Or Use

Chances are, you’ve got lots of things lying around the house that you don’t use or want. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle can help you by clearing out unwanted junk, making money selling the junk, and stopping yourself from bringing even more junk into your home. Try selling online or in person.

Ask For A Promotion Or Pay Rise

Been with your current employer for a while? Ask for a promotion or a pay rise. Simple waiting for one isn’t usually the best idea, as you could be waiting longer than you would like.

Save Money Like A Champ

Saving money is simple when you know how. The infographic below can help.


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Mummies Waiting

Undoubtedly, youth is the prime time of one’s age to do wonderful things. You are energetic, you don’t get tired easily, and you consider yourself invincible. But there is a slight downside to this as well. Youngsters often put off several things just because they think they’re not old enough to mull over them. Here, we will discuss some of the things you must take up at an early age for a more secure, prosperous, and better future.


The adage that young people always want to live in the moment has become a stereotype. This is often not the case, and it’s a good thing. Surely, one should experience the present to cherish the life at the fullest. But don’t forget that money is essential to achieve the peace of present and as well as of future. For that matter, investments are a great instrument. From mutual funds to stocks, there are different avenues where you can put your investment money in young age. By having an additional stream of income at your disposal, life will certainly be more beautiful.

Income Protection

Young people consider themselves indomitable but still can’t foretell future. No one is immune to unforseen illnesses and injuries no matter how vigorous and active they are. Therefore, a wise thing to do at a young age is to get yourself an income protection insurance.

They come in very handy when one is unable to work for an extended period of time due to any ill-fated incident. Income protection can help you in covering your basic recurring expenses in that crunch time. You can secure a good income protection package from Freedom Insurance.

Loan Protection

Mortgage payments are an ongoing thing and one has to keep on with them for a long period of time. If you are a young individual and supporting a family then you should get yourself a loan protection, especially if you are due with outstanding mortgage repayments. In case of a terminal illness or accidental death, loan protection will look after your loved ones by protecting them from foreclosure.

Physical Well-being

With better metabolism and responsive homeostasis, young people can afford to carry on with unhealthy life habits. However, it should be engraved in your mind that soon all this recklessness will catch up to you; and you will not be young, and you will not like it, and may not be able to afford it. If you think you are too young to bother yourself with all such things then you are wrong. Try to maintain your physical fitness in young age, not because it will help you in senior years but also because you will even need these good habits in your 30s and 40s.

Accident Insurance

It’s unfortunate but accidents have become a mundane affair in fast urban life. Statistics of deaths and injuries related to accidents also don’t draw a good picture. So, don’t think you are too young to get covered for accidents. Accident insurance can ease out any possible financial strains and will provide you with a piece of mind.

By acting on all these things, you can make it certain that you are living a responsible adult life even at a young age.








I am sharing tips for buying items on Ebay some of them based on bitter experience.

Obviously, I love Ebay because I love anywhere in the online or offline world where I can potentially pick up a bargain. I know that even if I became a millionaire I would still love the thrill of the chase when it comes to getting something lovely for very few pennies or pounds. Whether a jumble sale, charity shop, flea market or car boot sale, don’t be surprised if you bump into me looking for quirky finds.

So here are a few tips on buying items on Ebay.

1. Always start small

If you are new to Ebay, just as with anything in life, it is important to start small until you are familiar and confident with how it all works. There are loads of items where bidding starts at just 99 pence so you can play a little before you move on to more expensive items.

2. Communicate!

Once upon a time, we needed a new car after ours was written off. Picture the scene of us working at desks on our laptop computers with our backs to each other. Both of us decided to bid on cars and within seconds both won our bids on two cars. We only needed one and could only really afford one! Learn from our expensive mistake and communicate properly with family members and put only one person in charge of the bidding on pricier items.


3. Consider the implications of collection-only items

Collection items can seem tempting as you can think there are no delivery costs. Of course it does not take a genius to work out that there are delivery costs because you are either going to have to collect the item yourself or arrange for someone to do so.

Picking up in person is a potentially dangerous situation. It is unlikely that you know the seller personally. You could go with a friend or tell someone the address of the place you are going to but it is still fraught with danger depending on who answers the door at the other end.

To be honest, it is far simpler to find a courier to get your item delivered. If you check out Shiply you will see that they can help. I love how you can see examples of items delivered and journeys made too. I wish I had known about this site as it could have saved us a fair amount of money recently when we needed to get several items to our new home.

4. Explore the web

I would also advise everyone to see if they can get items for free via sites like Freegle, Gumtree and parenting forums online. We have benefitted from such sites and I loved giving a much loved cot to a family who were struggling when my first son moved into a bed.

There are just a few quick tips for buying items on Ebay but I am sure you have more so please do leave a comment and share them.




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Saving money on heating bills is a big issue especially when it is so very cold outside. Fuel bills are a big part of most families’ expenditure so every pound saved helps the struggle to make ends meet.

Saving money on heating bills

Phil Wicks, managing director of Focal Point Fires, shares his advice for saving money on your heating bills this winter: “A built-in thermostat, available on most modern electric fires, is a convenient way to control a comfortable level of heat in the room.

“Digital displays on models such as the Pasadena (available from B&Q) allow you to set a temperature and a timer. By using the thermostat less energy is required to maintain a constant level of heat as, opposed to switching a fire on when you get cold and off when you get hot – this, in turn, saves the pennies as it is more efficient to use a set level, rather than turn on and off.

“Gas is often a cheaper way to heat your home, a flueless gas fire doesn’t require a chimney and turns 100% of the fuel to heat for the room, rather than escaping up the chimney. The Leirvik (available from B&Q later this month) is a brilliant alternative to solid fuel stoves or older open fronted gas fires, all that is required is access to a gas supply and installation from a Gas Safe registered engineer.”

Gas or electricity?

Taking British Gas rates as an example, 1kWh of gas typically costs 3.89p compared to 14.36p for electricity (both costs including VAT). This tends to make gas the number one choice for homes, despite the advances of electric fires. Combined with high heat efficiencies and low running costs, today’s gas fires offer affordable warmth, visual comfort and are a powerful weapon in the fight against fuel poverty.

Facts for reference

  • British Gas rates correct as of 21/09/2017
  • 84% of the 24 million homes in the UK rely on gas for heating and hot water
  • Gas fires emit half the CO2 emissions of an electric fire
  • Flueless gas fires do not require a chimney or flue and therefore offer a cleaner, more convenient, household alternative in comparison to solid fuel stoves
  • Gas fires are never subject to disrupted power supplies and there are no complex electronics to worry about
  • Typically, electric fires require more maintenance than gas
  • Natural gas is one of the safest sources of energy
  • The low cost of running a gas fire also means that the elderly and those trapped in fuel poverty don’t need to worry as much about their heating bills each month

Do you have any tips for saving money on heating bills?