All parents want to be close with their kids, but unfortunately this isn’t a reality for all families. Now is the time to truly focus in on what you’re doing and how you’re interacting with your kids on a daily basis if you want to grow closer with them.

Start by mapping out what a successful relationship with your kids looks like to you and set goals for getting to a better place. Know there will be obstacles along the way and remain patient when you’re feeling frustrated. It takes time to create mutual respect and trust with your kids, but don’t give up because the rewards will be well worth your efforts.

Listen to them

While it’s tempting to want to tell your kids what to do because you’re the parent, be mindful to also listen to them too. Hear their side of the story, their thought process, and why they feel the way they do. This will help you better understand where they’re coming from and your connection will strengthen. Practice active listening when they’re trying to tell you a story, how their day at school was or discuss an issue they’re having with a friend.

Problem Solve Collectively

Your first reaction may be to get upset or yell when your child has a major problem or gets into trouble. However, remember this is only going to make the situation worse. For example, they may have been in a car crash but it wasn’t even their fault. Put your heads together, problem solve as a team and hire a lawyer from a firm like who can help you retrieve the compensation you deserve. It makes a lot more sense to come up with a solution together then it does to argue and blow the situation out of proportion.

Spend Quality Time Together

The only way you’re going to get to know your kids is if you spend quality time with them. This means away from any distractions such as your phones or the television. Ask them what they like doing and brainstorm various activities you both can do together. Relax, laugh and be silly with your kids and show them how much you care by being in the moment. These are the types of interactions you need if you’re going to build a solid foundation and successful relationship with your kids.

Encourage them in all they do

What you don’t want to do is go around judging your children and making them second guess what they’re doing. Encourage them to dream and try different kinds of activities such as music, sports and dance. Let them know you have their backs and are cheering them on to succeed. Show your support by driving your kids to practice and attending their events and games. Keep telling them again and again how much you love them and that you simply want to see them happy.


It’s not always easy to get close with your kids, but that doesn’t mean you should give up trying. These are a few ideas for you to give a chance if your goal is to have a better relationship with your kids. Keep an open mind throughout the process and remember that growing a stronger bond will take time.

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It is a sad statistic that nearly just under half of all marriages end in divorce. It means you literally have just under a 50% chance of your marriage working. It is a scary thought, but one that is becoming all the more apparent in the past few years. The main reason a relationship breaks down is due to lack of communication, commitment, or people just simply drift apart. To make matters worse, there’s usually a children at the center who is going to have to deal with all the emotions of having their parents separated, as well as needing your constant time and attention when you might not actually be able to give it to them. So, to make life as a single parent a little bit easier on you, and on your child, here are some tips that we think you’re going to need. It’s important to remember that you’re not alone, and there are millions of single parents doing an amazing job, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t either!


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Manage The Divorce

The divorce is most likely going to be one of the longest and most mentally challenging times of your life. There will be so many setbacks that will make you feel as though you can’t live your normal life, or even ones that stop you from moving on and start a new life. Unless you’re really lucky, and you broke up in a civil way and both of you prefer to get things out of the way with, then you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your head in your hands wondering how you’re going to get through this. Well, one of the best ways of doing so is by using companies such as Austin Kemp divorce solicitors. They will be able to help you through the process to make sure you have the best outcome possible. The process of a divorce will always be long, and the pressures of which can radiate into your own personal life. It’s important to remember that whilst you’re going through this and it might be causing you grievance, you need to think about your child and how they’re going to be feeling. Try not to let any emotions spill out into home life, and definitely make sure you don’t do any slandering against your partner. The last thing you need is for your child to grow up with a negative view of relationships in general.

Manage Your Time

Time is money, and it definitely is when it comes to being a single parent. Suddenly you will have gone from not really worrying about what you’re spending, to worrying about every little purchase and whether you’re going to have enough money to get through the month. Well, we’re going to discuss money in the next paragraph, so now we will discuss how you should manage your time if you want to be successful at the single parent life. With no one around to help around the house, getting simple little things like the ironing done can be an absolute nightmare. But at the same time, you don’t want to use the time that your child is at your partners to be doing house work and stressing more. Try to make sure everything is done within an hour or two after they’ve gone to bed. It’ll then leave you with time to relax and unwind before going to be. As they get older, you can get them to help around the house to try and make things a little easier for you. Finally, if there’s one thing we know for sure to be true, it’s that you need to make sure you’re giving yourself time to step away from the single parent life. Time to see your friends and tuck into some nice food, or maybe even a cocktail or two. They’re going to be your release from the constraints you may feel in other areas of your life. Not to say that having a child means your life is limited, but if you let being a single parent become all you are, it’ll be hard for you to have some sort of outlet when things get a little stressful.

Manage Your Money

This is one of the main things that you need to learn to try and do. Money management, no matter what point in your life you’re at is hard. There’s so many factors to consider, but when you’re a single mom everything seems to become amplified a little. Suddenly the money you once had spare is now going towards trying to raise a child, whilst at the same time trying to keep a roof over their head and many other things. So, the best thing you can do is make sure you’re making smart money decisions to keep you going. If you know you’re a sucker for treating them to a McDonald’s once a week rather than cooking dinner, cut it down to once a month. You might be reading this and thinking, it’s only a few pounds here and there, but at the end of the month it truly does add up. Make sure you’re getting the best deals on things such as household bills which could be costing you a fortune. Use comparison websites to make sure you’re on the cheapest tariffs, and don’t be afraid to buy home brand things rather than splashing the cash to try and save that extra bit of money.

Manage Issues

Coming out of a divorce is not easy, and it might not always be smooth sailing. It is often the case that many disagreements happen over who gets to see the child when and what not. It’s so important that you keep your child at the forefront of your mind when you’re fighting over things like this. As they get older they’ll start to notice the divide, and will definitely notice any arguments. Make sure you’re always compromising to get the best for your child. If it’s things like financial issues you’re worried about, then preparation is always key. Plenty of savings will make sure you’re always comfortable, and always have something to fall back on should something go wrong.

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When you have young children, you’re going to be on the ball with making sure they’re staying in their age range when it comes to media. However, when they’re fast growing (as most of them are!), there’s a lot of changes to be made in this walk of their life! So if you’re not too sure where to start with letting them expand a little more into games designed for older children, this list is here to help. Of course they’re still going to need monitoring, but the tween years are a steady balance between being a parent and allowing a little freedom!

Mobile Apps


For Educational Purposes

One great way to get your kids interested in their school work, or any extra curricular activities, is by downloading a few good apps to their phone. When a kid is presented with a fun and interactive interface when it comes to enjoying a good book after school, they’re going to keep on reading!

It’s also a good way for the both of you to interact over a bit of homework. Kids are always going to need a bit of input from their parents, and often enough there’s not a more helpful way to do so than going through a good book together. You can laugh and joke over what you read, and also make sure proper notes are taken.

For Gaming

Everybody likes to waste a bit of time gaming on their phone, and kids are the ones who like to do it the most! That’s because it’s one of the most entertaining things you can do when you’re stuck in the backseat of a car or at home on the sofa. Yet, if you’re having no success in getting your kids to go outside, you can always boot up something fun on the iPad with them!

Try out the Final Fantasy 15 mobile app, as this is a good strategy game you can devote bags of time to together. It’s minimal in any kind of graphic violence, despite the theme, and is a good way to get the imaginative juices flowing.

For Watching Videos

Common apps such as youtube are the most popular of programs to download to a system, but did you know there’s a kid friendly version? If you’re worried about what your child might watch when they’re on their own with a tablet in front of them, make sure these settings are turned on before you let them loose!

You can also find a lot of creative content online here, and more official sites such as the BBC iPlayer is a good place for your child to access the kids channels that they miss when they’re at school. Let home time be fun time when you’ve got a good balance to it via this!

Using mobile technology is something we all do, and it can get quite addicting. Introduce family fun time via a piece of equipment to make the time more fulfilling, and a little less socially isolating.

Mobile Apps For Growing Children

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Buying a baby pushchair is quite like buying a new car, and to be frank, almost just as expensive. There are so many things to take into consideration when investing in such an item. How much storage space do you need? Do you live in a busy city, or the countryside with bumpy roads? Are you strictly buying the pushchair to suit a new born baby, or are you expecting to use it for longer? Fortunately, there are pushchairs out there to suit all needs and budgets (almost).


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A pram is a great choice for new-borns as it allows the baby to lie completely flat. A carrycot on wheels, prams can only be used for the first 6 months of the baby’s life, until they can start supporting their heads on their own. Lately new designs incorporate both a pram and a standard buggy in one, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Travel system

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This is a great option if you own a car and need a car seat for your baby. The travel system usually combines a standard buggy with a detachable car seat and sometimes they may even feature a pram or carrycot. However, car seats are a safety tool for transporting the baby while in a vehicle and should not be used on long walks, shopping trips or to sleep in at home. Leaving a child in a car seat for more than 2 hours could put his or her life and health in danger.

3-wheeler buggy

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As the name suggests the 3-wheeler buggy has (surprise surprise) 3 wheels, one in the front and 2 in the back. The wheel in the front can be either locked or let free to swivel. Depending on the potential use, size and weight, there are several types of 3-wheel buggies: urban 3-wheelers, twin or tandem 3-wheelrs, all-terrain pushchairs (ATP), jogger buggy and 3-wheeler travel systems.

Lightweight buggy

Credit: Oleg Mikhaylov/Shutterstock

The ‘stroller’ or lightweight buggy is great for those with a busy city life, who usually walk or take the bus around town. They can weigh less than 6kg (0.9 stone) and they can be folded, so they are more compact making them easy to carry and store. When your baby has reached toddlerhood, this buggy may not be suitable for him or her anymore. Another potential disadvantage is that you cannot overload it with bags or other items as, due to its light weight, it can easily be tipped over.

Standard buggy


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The standard 4-wheeler buggies are suitable for both new-borns and babies over the age of 6 months. They are slightly harder to manoeuvre than the 3-wheeled buggies, but there is not much in it. The prices for standard buggies can go from around £100 pounds to over £600 for a designer one.

Rear and forward-facing buggy

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This is a great option as it contains a reversible seat unit which allows parents to either have the baby facing them or forward. Some studies suggest that children prefer facing their parent while in the buggy. This makes them happier and more interactive.

Twin buggy

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Twin buggies can either be for twins or siblings of similar ages. Both children are free to look around and interact with each other. Pushing a twin buggy around all day can be very hard, therefore it is best to look for lightweight twin buggies which can weigh under 15 kg. (2.4 stone)

Tandem Buggy

Credit: Patryk Kosmider/Shuttersock

The tandem buggy is similar to the twin buggy in the sense that it allows you to carry 2 children at a time. However, with the tandem buggy they are essentially one on top of the other, rather than next to eachother. You can use this option with either a toddler and a new-born or two toddlers.


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Baby Show

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