Let’s face it, nobody dreams of the day that they’ll have an opportunity to catch a night’s rest at an airport terminal, but sometimes you don’t have any other choice but to lay down for a nap while you’re waiting for your flight. If your flight is cancelled or delayed, then you might have an overnight layover that you didn’t plan for, and that means at least trying to catch some Z’s before you take the next leg of your journey.

If you think that you’re going to have to sleep at the airport during your trip, the following tips can help you to enjoy a better more peaceful experience.

1.     Do Some Research

It’s hard to plan for a delayed or cancelled flight, but you can make sure that you’re prepared, and you know where to go should the worst happen. Take the time to research your backup sleeping options before you head off on your trip. There are plenty of major airports out there that at least offer Wi-Fi and chargers, so you can assess what’s available around you.

2.     Consider an On-Site Hotel

If you’re flying with a very large airport, then there’s a good chance that there might be a hotel located inside the actual facility. In that case, you don’t have to worry about the inconveniences of going through security and customs again. Additionally, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to get back to the airport on time if you get an alert that tells you that a new flight is available for you to board. If you have some money to spare and there is an on-site hotel available, then make sure that you at least check it out. After all, you might as well get a good night’s sleep if you can manage it.

3.     Protect your Belongings

If you really need to sleep in a terminal, then travelling light could be the key to making sure that you can defend your belongings and stop your valuables from being stolen. If you’re lugging around a suitcase or multiple bags, then you might want to check and find out whether the airport has facilities for storing luggage. Whatever you do, keep your money and passport with you always, and keep your bag close. If possible, resist going to the bathroom and leaving your luggage unattended, as security is always on the look-out for unattended baggage.

4.     Avoid Isolated Locations

If you’re travelling solo, then it’s important not to sleep in too much of an isolated location. While prayer rooms and yoga rooms might seem like a good place to get some rest, they can also increase your chances of getting robbed if these spaces stay empty for long periods of time. If possible, it might be better for you to sleep near your gate surrounded by other people. You should also check the departure board before you nod off to check whether there are any early flights leaving from the gate that you’re staying at.

5.     Create a Peaceful Space

Sleeping in a terminal isn’t a practice conducive to plenty of peace and quiet. However, you can employ some of the same tactics you might use on a flight if you wanted to get some extra rest. For instance, use a sleep mask to block out additional light, and use headphones or earplugs to get rid of any passenger chatter or flight announcements. If you’ve packed a toiletries kit in your carry-on, you can wash your face and brush your teeth before you sleep too.

6.     Prepare to be Woken Up

If you’re stressed, exhausted, and even jet-lagged from a previous flight, then there’s a good chance that you’ll oversleep and end up missing your next connecting flight. With that in mind, make sure that you have an alarm set on your phone that’s ready to wake you up when you need to go. Don’t be surprised if you’re woken up by security before you expect your alarm to go off, however. Some security guards will check terminals for sleepers, so you should be ready to show your boarding pass and explain why you’re there if you’re roused.

7.     Use an Airport Lounge

While most airport lounges won’t be available for overnight use, if you just want to get a few hours of shut-eye while you’re waiting to be moved onto the next flight after a cancellation, then you can always try heading to an airport lounge for a little more peace and comfort. In a lounge, you’ll be able to use food, showers, and soft comfortable seats to get the much-needed rest that you deserve.


Hot Pink Wellingtons

Exotic foods are that little bit different and definitely a very good reason to travel overseas to try something new and unusual.

We are a family of foodies. My Dad always encouraged me to eat local food when we were on holiday. His theory was that you could not possibly know what you liked if you did not try things. Also if you do not give things a go, you just might miss out on something very tasty indeed. His adventurous nature came from his years with the Navy I think where he visited Greece, Libya, Malta, Egypt and so many other far-flung shores

My mum was a cook by trade so had a natural interest in food too and would try to replicate things we had tasted on holiday when we returned home. She brought both my brothers up to be really good amateur chefs and both of them have turned to the preparation of food to make money in one way or another over the years.

So as a family we are pretty well-travelled but the one thing I would love to try are the exotic foods from Barbados having heard about them from an old college friend who hailed from that particular Caribbean island. I love rum and I would like to learn how to pair it with foods.

Barbados is exciting when it comes to cuisine as there are African, Asian, Indian and European influences. Food might be cooked using a wok, a grill or the wood stone oven.

There are a diverse selection  of cafes and restaurants and you may be surprised to know that Bajan food can be quite different to that on other Caribbean islands .

Bajan seasoning sounds wonderful with its notes of thyme, marjoram, green onions and parsley.

The national dish is Cou Cou and Flying Fish which is certainly a name to capture the imagination. Cou Cou consists of cornmeal and okra mixed with salt, peppers and Bajan hot sauce.

Inevitably fish is huge in Barbados and I would love to try fish balls often sold from the side of the road. There is nothing better than eating in the great outdoors.  It’s not just about the Flying Fish either so I would love to experiment with different tropical fish dishes including one that combines macaroni and cheese with fish. I would never think of that combination so would definitely give this one a try.

I love sweet potatoes already but the idea of covering them in sugar and serving with pineapples and cherries really intrigues me.

I am more convinced of the merits of plantains fried and topped with cinnamon but as I say travel broadens the taste-buds so bring on the culinary Bajan delights.

Now I just need to check out the other events and things to do in Barbados so am off to check out the luxury all-inclusive holidays from Destination 2 and then start saving up.

Where would you like to travel next to try some exotic foods?


My Random Musings

I truly believe that although things are nice, and there’s nothing wrong with having them, it is much better to collect moments and experiences. Those of you who like to travel will go exactly what I mean by that. There’s nothing quite like experiencing new cultures and seeing new sights to show you what life should really be about – long after that Macbook has died on you and those killer shoes have worn, you will have those amazing memories of that Caribbean cruise or the time you went swimming with dolphins, and it will mean so much more to you than that stuff ever did.

Travel Idea

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So, experiences are important, but where do you find them? You can find amazing experiences everywhere, including on your own doorstep, but there are some travel experiences that are just that bit more special – the kind of things that should be on everyone’s travel bucket list – here are some of them:

Diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and some people would argue that it is the most beautiful of those wonders. Whether you agree with that or not, there is no denying that the world’s biggest coral reef is a colorful cornucopia or delightful marine life. You’ll see whales, dolphins, some 1,500 species of fish, not to mention numerous kinds of coral and you will be blown away.

Marvel at the Northern Lights


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The Northern Lights, or the Aurora Borealis to give it its proper name, is a natural phenomenon whereby the sky is lit up in beautiful shades of blue, green, purple and pink. It’s nature’s greatest air show, and it is something that you need to see at least once in your life because you will not be disappointed. You can see the lights in numerous places from Alaska to Iceland and although it can be difficult to predict exactly when they will appear, you should probably try to the Northern Lights in Autumn when they are not going to be blocked out by the summer sun and when the skies are generally clearer than they are in the winter. That being said, some people spend weeks, even months chasing the lights, so more than one trip may be required.

Helicopter Over the Grand Canyon in the United States

The Grand Canyon is another marvel of nature spanning some 277 miles and measuring one mile deep. Although you can get up close and personal with the Grand Canyon on foot, perhaps the most spectacular way to see just how amazingly beautiful it is is during a helicopter ride that will allow you to see its vast expanse. You can of course, always explore on foot once the trip is over, too!

Be Wowed by Kyoto’s Golden Pavilion in Japan

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Kyoto’s Golden Pavilion is just one of seventeen sites that make up the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto. Although they are all beautiful World Heritage sites, the Golden Pavilion, which is an amazing golden temple worshipping the Buddha is arguably the best thanks to its awe-inspiring style, and it’s immaculately maintained Japanese gardens.

Make Friends with Elephants in the Jungles of Thailand

Thailand is well-known for its stunningly beautiful beaches and fabulously fragrant food, but all of that pales in comparison to its majestic elephants. You can get up close with them at Khao Sok National Park’s jungle camp which is also home to some wonderful floating tents, or you can visit one of the local elephant sanctuaries where you can help to look after abandoned animals and really get to know them.

Stay at a Texas Ranch


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Texas ranches are world famous. They have featured in so many cowboy movies, and TV shows that we all think we know what a traditional Texas ranch is like and many of us would love to experience a little slice of the Wild West for ourselves. Luckily, there are lots of ranches, such as Wildcatter Ranch that are open for guests and allow you to live out your cowboy or girl fantasies in the real world. You’ll have a blast.

Visit Unique Wildlife on the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are one of the most unique places on earth quite simply because they are home to lots of flora and fauna that you would not find anywhere else on earth. From Galapagos Sea lion and giant sea turtles to Frigatebirds and Candelabra Cactus, you will be blown away by these rarest of the rare specimens.

Take the time to explore any of these attractions or see as many of these sights as you can, and you will make those precious memories that truly last forever.

Cuddle Fairy

For those who live in Cincinnati and are parents to a teenager, you know better than anyone how difficult it can be to keep them busy, happy, and out of trouble. Even if you don’t live in Cincinnati, for example, you are just planning on visiting with your teenager, the same problem exists. Finding activities that are teenager appropriate and fun is key. Rather than spending all kinds of time researching events and activities, or worse yet, dragging them out to things that end up a total bust, we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of fun things to do with teens in Cincinnati. So let’s jump right in.

The Cincinnati Escape Room

If you want to make a splash with your teen and be seen as the “cool parent” then you’ll want to take them to the Cincinnati Escape Room through Breakout Games. This is the real-life version of the popular escape room apps. You will be placed in a locked room and given 60 minutes to escape. Escape is achieved by finding clues hidden around the room, then using those clues to solve puzzles. It’s just the kind of unexpected activity that is sure to put a smile on even that hard-to-please teen’s face.

Coney Island – Take in All the Thrills and Adventures

Amusement parks are always a crowd pleaser with teens, it seems, which is why a visit to Coney Island is a great idea. Known as Cincinnati’s playground, Coney Island has been in business since 1886. You’ll find a huge variety of rides and attractions, a water park, and special events throughout the season. Be sure to check out the Coney Island website for information on hours of operation and the special events taking place.

Take in a Baseball Game

If your teenager is a sports fan, then tickets to a Cincinnati Reds baseball game is sure to be a hit. For an added bonus, the Reds are constantly holding promotions, contests, events, and giveaways. You can check their events calendar for more information. If you want to make a real day out of it, you can also visit the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum to learn more about the famed-team.

Discover What Fountain Square Has to Offer

For those who are conscious of budget, Fountain Square is ideal. This square is found downtown and is constantly hosting free performances and concerts. It can end up being quite the hip and happening place, especially during the warm summer months.

Non-Stop Fun and Entertainment at Scene75 Entertainment Center

If your teen is all about hands-on activities and games then the Scene75 Entertainment Center is the place to be. The center features 120 arcade games, 10 attractions, and dining. It is billed as the largest indoor entertainment center in the country.

Keeping Your Teen Happy and Busy

Each of these activities is sure to keep your hard-to-please teen happy and, best of all, entertained. You’re sure to earn brownie points for these activities.


The Pramshed

I think many of us can be guilty of thinking of a plane ride and trip abroad when it comes to our summer holiday plans. We want to guarantee the weather, enjoy new cultures and see different sights and have some amazing experiences. But, because many of us automatically assume a holiday means Europe or further afield, we can often forget that we have some amazing destinations right in the country we live in. There are some people who live abroad who actually come here for a holiday, who would have thought? But it got me thinking about considering an alternative holiday destination this year, and the UK has so much to offer, I thought I would share with you some of my thoughts and suggestions. Maybe it will inspire you to book your own staycation.


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A city break

Many people love a city break. The chance to see some beautiful architecture, and really understand the general vibe of the place. However, there are some great cities in the UK, and some of them you may not have visited before. There is, of course, London, the capital, but other cities that have a lot to offer include Birmingham and Manchester. To name a few. Why not consider a city break in the UK for one of the up and coming bank holidays?

Enjoying the beaches

Maybe you love the beach and that is one of the reasons why you head abroad, but the UK has some stunning locations offering some of the most outstanding beaches. Cornwall, Devon and Torquay are some of the most popular destinations with beautiful beaches. But you also have some of the other sea town locations such as Margate and Scarborough. There are some great things to do in some of these locations, and some of the old fashioned treats of the great British holiday such as penny arcades and walks along the pier. Bliss.

Hopping the border

England has much to offer with its rugged countryside and rolling green hills, as well as some amazing cities. But why not hop the border and head into some of the other parts of the UK? Hiring a car from websites like Easy Car can make things much simpler. Wales is a fantastic destination. You have all of the popular destinations like Anglesey, Abersoch and Canarfan. There are also things like climbing Snowdon and enjoying the hustle and bustle of Cardiff city centre in the South. Then there is Scotland and the fabulous countryside and amazing cities. So much to see, so little time.

Heading overseas

Finally, staying in the UK doesn’t necessarily mean we stay landborne all of the time, heading overseas to Northern Ireland and the city of Dublin. Famous for the guinness factory and a great night out, it could be the ideal way to spend a weekend or summer break away. Northern Ireland also has some great countryside locations if you prefer to head out and hike and see a different side.

I hope that this has given you some inspiration to consider the UK for your next holiday.

My Random Musings