We all dream of the perfect family holiday. We have scrimped and saved all year to allow ourselves time out somewhere lovely for some quality time as a family. If you are like myself, you will have cherished memories of your own childhood holidays and want to ensure your children have amazing times when travelling  too. I find holiday cottages give us the best time as they give a feeling of space and relaxation like back home.


Of course it is easy these days to find holidays at the last minute. However, I have taken my Dad’s example and like to do some good planning in advance. This means talking with every family member about their dreams for their time away and looking at pictures online. If you read reviews you can also find out if the accommodation is really family-friendly or is just using that as a marketing tool. As part of my planning I also like to ensure I have looked into options for days out whatever the weather. Perhaps sadly but inevitably, I also check whether Wifi is available so the children can access their beloved screens and I can do a bit of work if necessary. Finally if you want some adult only time you can research kids clubs and so on. They  are not my cup of tea but each to their own. Talking of cups of tea, I also like to ensure a supermarket can deliver shopping ordered online in time for our arrival.


I always smile when I think of packing as my Dad wouldn’t let me or my Mum get involved in it due to our slightly chaotic approach.  Moving on, there are lots of things you should pack to save a whole load of hassle. These include things like sticking plasters, Calpol, sun protection, antibacterial handwash and any medication your family require. Always have plenty of baby wipes which every parent can tell you are worth their weight in gold for cleaning surfaces from restaurant tables to toilet seats. You will have your own ideas of what makes the perfect holiday wardrobe. I like to include some older clothes that I won’t worry about if they get covered with sand, sun tan lotion and food spillages. Always ensure you have a jumper or cardigan for everyone and a coat for rainier days.

Coping with long journeys

Children get bored easily and all the more so if they know they are going somewhere really exciting.  Firstly make sure you have regular stops for snacks and drinks and bring them from home as buying en route can be really pricey. Make a goodie bag up for each  child with books, games, activities, pens and treats. Again think about health and ensure you have travel sickness products to hand too.

Memory-making and the perfect family holiday

Since losing my parents, I have worked out that the only really important thing in life is making great memories. They are fun whilst they are happening and they sustain us in challenging times. So ensure you have some equipment to capture those memories whether that is a journal, scrapbook or camera.

Do you have any great tips for planning the perfect family holiday?

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Mum Muddling Through

It’s holiday season with so much to think about including what to pack in your hand luggage. I always find hand luggage so reassuring as your cases disappear into the unknown on a journey of their own, I like to almost cuddle my hand luggage knowing I really do have what I need for the trip. As for my hand luggage of choice, you can’t beat something like an Italian leather shoulder bag as your perfect travel companion.

Hand Luggage

The obvious hand luggage items

If you are travelling overseas you need that passport. Make sure it in date well in advance of your trip and it is a good idea to ensure the thing does not run out for at least six months after the date you plan to return home just in case.

Passport. You won’t get far without it, and make sure it’s valid for at least six months beyond the date when you plan to return home.

Purse with cash and credit cards.

Documents about your flight, accommodation and any transport..

Pens because as we know you always need one when you don’t have one to hand.Hand Luggage

Health stuff

Eyes matter especially when you think of all the sightseeing you will want to do whilst you are away. Did you know aircraft cabins have low humidity so eye drops can soothe red or irritated eyes. Finally ensure you have good glasses and everything you need for your contact lenses.

Think hygiene and remember that just because something looks clean does not mean that it really is so. I think it is a good idea to have hand wash to hand of the antibacterial variety.

Sleep – ear plugs are your friend as you cannot guarantee a noise-free flight. Similarly, do think about having an eye mask in your hand luggage to give you a bit of a personal zone and to aid your naps.

Medications you need.

Hand Luggage

Entertainment and tech

Headphones are good to have to hand so you can listen to your music without disturbing fellow passengers. You may need an adapter to fit the on-board entertainment system outlet port.

Tablets can be fun as they allow you to choose the entertainment that meets your individual tastes.

Phone – thank goodness we have mobiles so can check information online and keep in touch with loved ones

Where tech is concerned ensure you have all relevant power cords, adapters and chargers.

Hand Luggage

Make an entrance

Start the holiday on a great note by arriving rested and looking good. A scarf in warmer climates and a shawl in cooler ones add that sense of style.

Toiletries and I personally ensure I have lip balm and moisturizer with me.

If you have space having  a fresh top and perhaps underwear and socks can make you feel absolutely ready to holiday as soon as you land.

I hope you found these tips on what to pack in your hand luggage helpful and I hope you make magical memories whilst you are away perhaps taking an Italian leather tote bag for those day trips whilst you holiday.

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