Whether you are travelling alone, with your bestie, or with family members, you will be amazed at all the activity to do and site to see in Frankfurt. In fact, it is a genuinely historic and cultural city that has someone for everyone. Keep reading for find out more.


Gastronomes will not be disappointed when visiting the city of Frankfurt. In fact, they will find a variable plethora of cuisines from traditional German fare, as well as dishes local to the Frankfurt region such as cheese with music. Named for the gaseous effect, it can cause after eating! There are also many modern international restaurants including American themed and Japanese themed ones that are worth trying out as well.

There is also a fabulous market of Kleinmarkthalle that is definitely worth a look, especially as it crammed full of local and delicious food such as bread and cheese. Both foodstuffs that the Germans are known to be expert at.

If you are looking for a more sit down meal where you can languish over your food and catch w=up with friends, then the Main Tower Restaurant is a great choice, and the views from the 53rd floor are stunning! Then there’s also Ramen Muku if you are looking for something more exotic, and Seven Swans who serve the most delicious Michelin starred vegetarian food.


Like plants? Great! Then Frankfurt is the place for you! This city has a range of large and spacious public parks such as Bethmann Park where you will find a Chinese garden with a waterfall as well as some beautiful exotic and Asian horticulture.

Then there is the fabulous Palm Garden located in Siesmayerstraße. There you will find such delights as the beautiful rhododendron garden, an underwater garden grotto, and the palm house itself. If you can, try and make it during June when the famous the Rose and Light Festival runs.

If you are looking for accommodation, then there are plenty of places including apartments to rent and hotels available in central Frankfurt. Although, many people choose to head out of the city and stay in places like Courtyard Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt instead. The reason being that accommodation in such satellite towns is great value, and it is incredibly easy to get back into the centre for any sightseeing you need to do.

Kids and families

Next, if you are Frankfurt with the kids in tow, you certainly won’t be disappointed by the activities on offer either. First, why not open their mind with a quick trip to the Experiminta Science Centre that is full of interactive games and displays that will keep them off their phones for at least a while.

Then there is the awesome forest playground at the Goethe Tower. An excellent incentive to tempt the kids with if you want to visit surrounding area beforehand.

Lastly, there is the stunning Shrin building which is surprising child-friendly for a museum of modern art! In fact, they even do hand-puppet tours of the exhibition for the little ones, as well as provide a chance for the kids to get creative and do their own paintings as well.

At the Shrin they even run special events in the afternoon that are designed to be especially family friendly. A fact that truly proves Frankfurt is a city that has something for everyone!

Fabulous Frankfurt


They’re a shining star in the blackest of nights. A solid rock when it feels like the sands of life are shifting beneath your feet. They’ve been with you through thick and thin. They’ve seen boyfriends (and maybe even husbands) come and go. They are always there for you come day or night, high or low to offer help, advice, comfort and support without judgement. They have our back when we’re right and they are quick to set us right without deflating our ego when we’re wrong. Our love for our best friends is unique in the world. As the world tries to pigeon hole us into the role of wife, or mother, our best friends see through these labels to who we really are. Although life has a habit of getting in the way and the pressures of work, family and fitness have a habit of impinging on our social lives more than we might like, even if you only get to see your bestie once or twice a year it’s vital that you make opportunities for quality time with your best friend. As the years melt into one another, and life places more and more demands on your time the quality of your time spent together becomes vastly more important than the quantity. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of wonderful days out that you and your best friend can enjoy together…


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Create your own scent together

Everyone has a handful of perfumes that they identify with and may well pick certain scents for certain occasions. A little bit of this for a day out at the park, a little bit of this for date night. But few people have a scent that truly encapsulates their personality. Spend a day on a perfume making experience, however, and you can do exactly that! You and your bestest friend can either create a scent that encapsulates your friendship or you can create your own individual fragrances. You’ll top the occasion off with afternoon tea together and be able to keep a bottle of your new scent as a memento.

Escape from a locked room together

There’s no better way for besties to bond than by getting locked away in a secret room by a serial killer. Or getting trapped in a museum after a heist gone wrong, or helping to find a missing secret agent. Okay, so these outlandish contexts may be fictional but breaking out of an Escape Room is a whole lot of fun for friends who crave a bit of adventure. You’ve likely seen one of these fun activity centres pop up somewhere near you. In order to escape the room you have to work together to solve a series of clues. It’s a real blast and a great test of how well you and your bestie complement each other’s skills.

Drink with class on a brewery tour

Any fool can take their bestie down to the pub, but a true friend takes their beloved best mate for a stroll around a brewery for an inside look at the science and art behind making their favourite tipple. You’ll learn a lot about the making of beers, wines and liquers as well as enjoying a tasting session. Because you’re worth it!

4 Ideas For A Brilliant Day Out With Your Bestie

The Pramshed

Every day we make decisions that affect our future, but have you ever thought about the impact learning a foreign language could have on your life? When I made the decision to start studying French around three years ago, I never imagined the varied ways it would end up influencing the rest of my life. Arguably, learning any foreign language can have a positive influence on you, but if you’ve picked French, here are some amazing ways it will change your life for the better!

Travelling gets easier

There are nearly 30 countries around the globe where French is spoken as a language. From Europe, to Africa, to the North American continent, you can find French speakers all around the world! Knowing this language will hugely benefit you because it makes travelling and visiting these places a heck of a lot easier. You’ll be able to veer off the standard tourist trails and really explore France, Madagascar, Haiti or a multitude of other amazing nations!

Culture grows closer

There is no better way to truly delve into a culture than by learning the language. Being able to speak French will make it easier for you to foster strong and lasting relationships with native speakers in other countries. Locals always appreciate it when foreigners make a genuine effort to speak their tongue, and you’ll find it a lot easier to make friends, which will lead to a deeper exploration of their culture, too. And by learning the nuances of the French language, you’ll be unlocking the fascinating features of the culture as well.

Career opportunities increase

Did you know that by learning French you’ll actually be giving your career a boost too? Bilingual and multilingual employees are always considered assets to companies, and not just because they’re capable of travelling easily to different countries for business. Learning French will increase your ability to multi-task and problem-solve, both of which are considered very desirable traits by potential employers.

Your brain stays happy

Hobbies are an excellent way to help you unwind from the stress and strain of your work life, and we all need good hobbies to get us through those tough days. Choosing to learn French as a hobby can provide you with some quality fun time, all the while teaching you important skills! By making French your hobby, you’ll be increasing your knowledge and challenging yourself. Taking French lessons and working with native speakers through sites like Listen & Learn, Babbel or even using resources from the BBC can help to give your confidence and self-esteem a serious boost, which translates to, you guessed it, a happier brain!

At the end of the day, learning French is definitely a win-win situation—regardless of whether you’re doing it to further your career or simply for the joy of learning. The French language will continue to influence and impact your life in a positive way long after you’ve stopped taking lessons and moved on to other things. All it takes is one decision to change your life!


My Random Musings

I would like to visit Italy and cannot quite get the idea out of my mind. I read about a book about Tuscany as a young adult which started off the desire to see the country for myself. With my depression gone, I am more adventurous and hope to be in Italy by the end of the year.


Tuscany itself has some art treasures that I would love to see. I have a dream of taking my creative daughter to Florence. For some reason, I want this to be very much about just the two of us together enjoying and being inspired by art.


My brother is an opera singer and worked for many years at La Scala in Milan. Sadly he never invited me to visit. So it would be cool to head there under my own steam and perhaps to take in a little opera although I think my late Mum was more excited by the shopping!

The seaside

Like my sailor Dad, I love the sea and you only have to look at the  shape of Italy to see just how much coastline there is to enjoy. I look forward to investigating  the variety of beaches on offer from the tourist-heavy to quieter and more obscure fishing villages.


We are most definitely a family of foodies. We all love pizza and pasta and just know it would be that much  better in Italy. Of course Italian cuisine includes lots of other special dishes so I will be sure to check out cured meats and truffles along with checking out different regions and their culinary delights.

Religious sites

As a child I used to hate how my Mum would take us to so many churches when we were on holiday. I famously angered her when I went to Paris and went to a market instead of the Notre Dame. However, as I was brought up Catholic and with more of a spiritual feel to my life these days, I would like to visit Rome. It is a city that pulls at my heart strings.

Right, I have convinced myself and will start looking at good dates for my Italian adventure. I don’t think my current battered case will be enough for such a trip and definitely not stylish enough.  I am quite temped by  Tumi products at Betty Hemmings especially the extra-deep globe-trotter suitcase. Big cases mean huge shopping sprees and why not on the adventure of a lifetime?

Do you have favourite places in Italy to share with me?






The Pramshed

Let’s face it, nobody dreams of the day that they’ll have an opportunity to catch a night’s rest at an airport terminal, but sometimes you don’t have any other choice but to lay down for a nap while you’re waiting for your flight. If your flight is cancelled or delayed, then you might have an overnight layover that you didn’t plan for, and that means at least trying to catch some Z’s before you take the next leg of your journey.

If you think that you’re going to have to sleep at the airport during your trip, the following tips can help you to enjoy a better more peaceful experience.

1.     Do Some Research

It’s hard to plan for a delayed or cancelled flight, but you can make sure that you’re prepared, and you know where to go should the worst happen. Take the time to research your backup sleeping options before you head off on your trip. There are plenty of major airports out there that at least offer Wi-Fi and chargers, so you can assess what’s available around you.

2.     Consider an On-Site Hotel

If you’re flying with a very large airport, then there’s a good chance that there might be a hotel located inside the actual facility. In that case, you don’t have to worry about the inconveniences of going through security and customs again. Additionally, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to get back to the airport on time if you get an alert that tells you that a new flight is available for you to board. If you have some money to spare and there is an on-site hotel available, then make sure that you at least check it out. After all, you might as well get a good night’s sleep if you can manage it.

3.     Protect your Belongings

If you really need to sleep in a terminal, then travelling light could be the key to making sure that you can defend your belongings and stop your valuables from being stolen. If you’re lugging around a suitcase or multiple bags, then you might want to check and find out whether the airport has facilities for storing luggage. Whatever you do, keep your money and passport with you always, and keep your bag close. If possible, resist going to the bathroom and leaving your luggage unattended, as security is always on the look-out for unattended baggage.

4.     Avoid Isolated Locations

If you’re travelling solo, then it’s important not to sleep in too much of an isolated location. While prayer rooms and yoga rooms might seem like a good place to get some rest, they can also increase your chances of getting robbed if these spaces stay empty for long periods of time. If possible, it might be better for you to sleep near your gate surrounded by other people. You should also check the departure board before you nod off to check whether there are any early flights leaving from the gate that you’re staying at.

5.     Create a Peaceful Space

Sleeping in a terminal isn’t a practice conducive to plenty of peace and quiet. However, you can employ some of the same tactics you might use on a flight if you wanted to get some extra rest. For instance, use a sleep mask to block out additional light, and use headphones or earplugs to get rid of any passenger chatter or flight announcements. If you’ve packed a toiletries kit in your carry-on, you can wash your face and brush your teeth before you sleep too.

6.     Prepare to be Woken Up

If you’re stressed, exhausted, and even jet-lagged from a previous flight, then there’s a good chance that you’ll oversleep and end up missing your next connecting flight. With that in mind, make sure that you have an alarm set on your phone that’s ready to wake you up when you need to go. Don’t be surprised if you’re woken up by security before you expect your alarm to go off, however. Some security guards will check terminals for sleepers, so you should be ready to show your boarding pass and explain why you’re there if you’re roused.

7.     Use an Airport Lounge

While most airport lounges won’t be available for overnight use, if you just want to get a few hours of shut-eye while you’re waiting to be moved onto the next flight after a cancellation, then you can always try heading to an airport lounge for a little more peace and comfort. In a lounge, you’ll be able to use food, showers, and soft comfortable seats to get the much-needed rest that you deserve.


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