CBD edibles for women: 5 things you must know

You can find CBD everywhere today- at supermarket aisles, grocery stores, and even gas stations. CBD products have become popular across the board and provide many health and wellness benefits to users. But did you know that women can especially benefit from the use of CBD? Women are physiologically different from men. Menstrual cycles, hormonal imbalances, juggling work, career, and home, can all play havoc with our health and wellness. I myself go through tough PMS phases with severe nausea, mood swings, and insomnia.

This was when my friend introduced me to CBD edibles. Believe me, at the risk of sounding cheesy, CBD has been a lifesaver. From being curled up in bed, thanks to all the hormonal imbalances, today, my menstrual cycle is a breeze. I have also found relief from chronic insomnia I kept struggling with all my life. And now, here I am, to share the top 5 things I learned about CBD through experience and my research. I hope women all around will benefit from reading this and find CBD useful in their daily grind.

●     CBD is non-psychoactive:

Though obtained from the extract of the hemp plant, CBD doesn’t possess any psychoactive properties. On the other hand, CBD products such as CBD oils, CBD edibles, and CBD tinctures have many therapeutic properties.

The Cannabidiol (CBD) component of the hemp extract works with the ECS system within your body. For the uninitiated, ECS or the Endocannabinoid System is responsible for controlling your body’s various systems and functions.

The ECS system controls your hunger, sleep, pain, appetite, and mood centres. In addition, ECS also works with your digestive, motor, and skeletal systems.

CBD influences the ECS receptors, helps normalize or regulate the various systems and centres, and thus helps provide relief from various conditions.

●     CBD edibles are excellent for oral health:


Bad breath can be quite embarrassing for us women, especially in social settings or on those special date nights. No matter how much care you take, bad breath simply comes out of nowhere and can create difficult situations.

CBD chewing gum has been quite a saviour for me in such situations. I pop a CBD gum an hour or so before going out. The refreshing properties of CBD gum, along with added herbal ingredients, help fight bad breath and keep you feeling fresh.

CBD also has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. So if you take CBD edibles such as gums regularly, the CBD content helps fight mouth infections and other conditions such as cavities and gingivitis. That said, be careful to check the ingredients as some Wholesale CBD Edibles are made with sugar, tapioca syrup, or corn syrup which can have a weaker anti-bacterial effect. For the best oral health, you want edibles that are sugar-free as mouth bacteria cannot feed on them as easily.

●     CBD effectively fights PMS:

PMS is not new for women. The few days running up to your cycle and the actual cycle itself can be quite troublesome, with symptoms such as migraines, cramps, nausea, and insomnia troubling your big time. All these symptoms can be largely attributed to hormonal changes that also result in your cycle.

CBD effectively works with your ECS system and helps mitigate the severity of the PMS symptoms. Cramps? Apply CBD oil in the pain area, and you can slowly feel the pain melt away. Migraines? Nothing better than CBD capsules or pills. You can also apply CBD oil on your forehead temples for immediate relief. Insomnia? Nausea? CBD edibles come to your rescue. Just bear in mind that such edibles take time to work since they must be digested and absorbed into your bloodstream before they start working.

●     CBD will help you sleep like a baby:

Insomnia is quite common today among women of all ages. Hormonal disturbances, busy lifestyles, late nights, and underlying health conditions all contribute to insomnia. CBD is an excellent natural remedy to help you sleep. If you are searching for sleep aids, you must give CBD products a try. Many women have reported benefits from using them. The best part about using CBD for sleep is that it works naturally on your body and doesn’t have any addictive or harmful ingredients.

●     CBD doesn’t cause any side effects:

When trying something new to help us cope with our existing health conditions, we must first consider the accompanying side effects. Most over-the-counter and even prescription medications come with a host of side effects. You may even need to take additional pills to help you cope with these side effects.

This is one of the key reasons many are shifting to alternate holistic therapies such as yoga, meditation, and acupuncture. CBD is an extremely effective alternative therapy that helps you deal with many health conditions without causing any major side effects.

Even in the rare case that you may have side effects, they usually disappear within a couple of hours without causing you too much discomfort. This is probably the reason why hemp extracts have been an integral component in the ancient medicinal sciences in many countries across the world, especially in Southeast Asia.


Women can enjoy many medicinal and wellness benefits from CBD products such as CBD edibles. Whether it is dealing with hormonal imbalances, sleep issues, or even oral health, CBD provides a safe and effective solution for many health problems. The latest popular product is CBD chewing gum that helps you keep your breath fresh and maintain your oral health.

So, the next time you plan something new to take care of your overall health and wellness, make a switch to CBD edibles.






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