Celebrating my weekly positives

Celebrating my weekly positives is important and I need to remember to make the time to do it. Reasons to be Cheerful is such a lovely blog linky to participate. It was one of the first I did many years ago and I do credit it with contributing to my recovery from post-natal depression. My issue is that because I value this one so much, I don’t like to link up just anything for the sake of it. Anyway, enough rambling and on with this week’s good stuff.

Reducing isolation

There is no doubt we live in the most idyllic spot out in the countryside. However, we are considering a move to the village nearby. I think it would be great for me to have more freedom as I don’t drive and we have no nearby public transport. I can get a little stir crazy even with my regular forest walks. Also when my marriage is particularly troublesome, being stuck out here makes me anxious. One of our friends in the village has found 2 houses that are coming up for rent soon. They both look fine from the outside. They are in quiet streets but within about 5 minutes walk if that from the village centre. We are hoping to view at least one of the houses inside soon. I am already dreaming about visits to the library, supermarket and bars. Also I will have a bus stop nearby to take me to the big town and once I am there the train station makes the world my oyster!

Fun weekend

We had a lovely weekend. We went shopping for our week’s food which is such an efficient way to do it and long over-due in our lives. We tried a new restaurant which I had not liked the look of before. It turned out to be superb and so affordable. I had fish and chips followed by one of those lovely puddings where you get 3 small desserts on one plate. We called in the bar to discuss potential houses and I said something that might be termed witty leading to a good amount of banter and giggling. On Sunday we went to a jumble sale and I got a long mirror for a couple of quid and a bedspread thing for cuddling up on the sofa with.

Blogging and online courses

I am enjoying blogging lots at the minute. Blogging has its seasons and I seem to have found motivation again with new ways of doing it and an idea of where I want the blog to go. I am also putting together some online courses to share the things I know about on issues such as debt, money management, caring and community work. I am also taking time out to learn new skills. I am always happy when I am developing new skills.


I need to renew my passport and my son’s has run out too. We went into the village on Tuesday and had our photos taken professionally which makes it all so much simpler online. We had to get up early but it was all made that much bearable as the photographer was sweet and super-efficient too. We rewarded ourselves after with a cuppa or two. I can be really good at neglecting important stuff so it felt good to tackle this task.


How can Brexit be a good reason to be cheerful? Well, obviously it can’t as it is such a dopey idea in my opinion. Wave goodbye to accountability when you leave Europe amongst many other things! However, I have to admit to finding the Brexit stuff really good telly and it fuels great debates with my children. I also like the idea that  the whole thing is shaking politics in the UK up and that was so overdue. We are living in very interesting times.

Finally, I was delighted on a day full of misogyny when Rose McGowan endorsed my review of her must-read  book called Brave.  I also took part in a Twitter conversation with BritMums about bringing up children in the #MeToo era. It was good to connect with some like-minded women.


That’s not a bad week and perhaps includes some foundations for a very positive future.



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  • Kim Carberry

    The move to the village sounds like a great idea. Good luck. It sounds like it will give you so much more freedom.
    It’s great that you are enjoying blogging more. The online courses sound interesting. x

  • betterthangoodenough123

    Moving to the village to have so much more convenient to you sounds like a wonderful thing to do. I hope it happens and brings you much contentment! I love your take on Brexit, too – there’s always a bright side to be found, even in somewhat troubling world events – it’s a good reminder to look hard to find the silver lining. Thanks for this post, Kate!
    Joan Senio
    My Best Friend Adeline

  • stickymudandbellylaughs

    It sounds like moving house will do you the world of good. I love being out in the countryside, but I do drive so I have the freedom to come and go as I please.

    The courses sound really interesting! Sending you all of the luck and hope they go amazingly well!

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. x

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