Celebrating the positives in my week

Today is one of those days after a busy weekend where there is loads of housework to do. Like a very good girl, I have done some but fancy a change. At times like this, it is a great time to sit down and start celebrating the positives in my week before I get back to the wife and mum stuff.

My son has left home

This time last week my son left home to live overseas. Regular readers will know this has taken a while to get organised. He is now living with my brother who is treating him to material stuff and also acting as a great mentor. My son has met new contacts, had fish and chips and a meal out and settled well from what I can see. He emails me regularly which is great and I respond with titbits of our news and suggestions about  how he might move forwards positively in life. He seems keen to do so and I am super proud of him for how he has navigated his first week away from home. I  have amazed myself in not sinking into depression at his departure. It is certainly a loss and there are feelings a bit like grief. I have cried but not much and also feel some sense of liberation as my brother takes over on the parenting front at least in some ways for a while.

New house

We have secured a tenancy on a house that will suit us so much better being that much closer to the village and facilities. I will be able to walk there and not rely on my husband and the car. The children will be able to get to know the delights of the local community and have trips further afield via public transport. The house is much smaller than where we are but cheaper and actually has Tardis like qualities so has plenty of space for us and also my son if he visits. The garden is small and manageable and enclosed.  The landlords seem lovely and had us over for tea yesterday which was delightful. We spoke for hours about history, law, politics and crime. It made me realise how much I miss conversations about such things.

My independent teens

I am happy that my younger teenagers have coped with their brother leaving home so well. They have all been in touch with each other which is lovely. We  have had a lazy week to allow us all to adapt to the new normal without my boy. Home education can start again in earnest tomorrow once the housework is a bit more done. It surprises me still how they just get on with learning and playing without me when we have unstructured days. My daughter spends more time outside which is lovely to see.


We had a great night out invited back to one of the local men’s houses. I was the only woman which is often the case. I feel safe and comfortable here. Music was played and delicious tomatoes and the most succulent pork were served. It was an evening I was not expecting and I had so much fun. There is one guy here who is in his early thirties and makes me laugh so much. We often end up as the naughty children in a group scenario which is so strange as I am old enough to be his mother. We may have ended up drawing on the host’s back. Mad but fun all the same!

There are other positives like the support of friends and practical moves to sort out some furniture. There will be others but I think this little round up will suffice before I get back to the dubious delights of cleaning the house.

What is keeping you full of smiles this week?



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5 thoughts on “Celebrating the positives in my week”

  1. Oooh a new house and nearer the village! Sounds great. And I’m glad to hear that your oldest is enjoying his new life and settling in. (Btw, I’m not really in debt. It’s imaginary debt in order to save. I explained it in the previous post.) xxx

  2. I think motherhood is like grief each time change happens and you realise that the last of something has occurred. I was quite heartbroken when I stopped breastfeeding my youngest and knew that was it forever. Not sure I’d be upset when he finally goes to sleep by himself and sleeps all night… Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

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