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Changing my routine is my big thing at the moment. I don’t like the word routine and am naturally very freedom-loving. That’s not real life though is it? I spent a decade suffering from depression and I came out the other side eventually with a routine that worked well enough. It has become boring and I want to shake things up a bit.

Firstly, the blog which used to be my sanctuary and therapy has changed over the years. It is now work a lot of the time. It is so easy to get sucked into the belief that if you are not working on it 24 hours a day 7 days a week it will die. There are so many blogging gurus out there now who want to berate you if you are not doing it their way.

Secondly now out of depression I want to keep my house nice and clean. This takes time and I want to delegate some tasks. That will take time as the children do nothing and the husband very little on the house front. So I am proving to myself I can keep up with it all but it is time to start educating the children in the realities of keeping the house spick and span.

Thirdly, I am not particularly happy with our home education journey. I veer between doing lots of structured stuff and then losing energy and leaving the children to their own devices. I would like us to have more of the magic that I see in other home education journeys. We are in a beautiful space now and should be making the absolute most of it.

Today, I did blog stuff in the morning and then left it alone. I gave my daughter a colouring sheet and chose one myself so that I could do some of that mindfulness type drawing that people were banging on about years ago.

I got through loads of housework doing bits at a time including some of those jobs I usually put off.

I watched a television programme or two that interested me. I took time out to enjoy the outdoors and glorious sunshine.

These might not seem huge steps to you but they are baby ones in the right direction and actually quite massive ones for me. When I have finished this blog, I am going to do some reading working on my own personal development.

It just feels a lot more balanced today and I know I can build on this. I have collected some tips from other bloggers on shaking up routine which I will be sharing soon but there is sunshine to sit in and it is time to step away from the blog.

4 thoughts on “Changing my routine with Best Boot Forward”

  1. Gosh you’re so right. I’ve been feeling a bit like this too. Blogging sort of takes over and eats into family time and the whole point of starting it for me was to be able to work around the family. Also taking time to do things for yourself! What is that?? Lol! I need to start doing the above and making structured blocks of time for everything. xx

  2. I’m not a fan of the word routine either as it felt to rigid or as a new parent heard it used to describe feeding on a schedule rather than responsively or forcing rules on your baby that made no sense. Having suffered with anxiety and depression I now find comfort in small daily habits that save my energy because I don’t have to keep weighing up do I/don’t I. It’s exhausting when every single thought or action requires a dialogue so small routines eliminate some of that.

  3. I like to have my morning routine because of the heat here, but I’m flexible with the structure of the rest of my day. My blog still remains my hobby, when I attempted to make an income from it , i lost the passion and agree it becomes work, taking the pleasure away for me. i hope you find a happy balance with home schooling #bestbootforward

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