Cheerful Lockdown update

You find me a little bored waiting for my brother to finish his singing lessons so I can head downstairs for a change of scene and quite possibly the delights of a sausage roll. I have had a longish day getting a variety of constructive things done but I am running out of steam. I think it might be a night of soaps and a quick tune in with the Queen later on the telly box. Right, in times when I feel a bit “meh” as my son would put it I know it is vital to remember the positives and reasons to be cheerful.

I am so lucky to be here. I have a lovely bedroom that my brother has given up for the duration of my stay. How generous is that? It is all white cotton bedding and a very calming space. There is a big double bed for me to roll around in all on my own even though my daughter informed me yesterday that lockdown is the perfect time to embark on an affair.

I am enjoying having more time on my hands. I read and write. I watch television a little. I want to bake but am still not convinced Pyrex dishes will serve as cake tins. Both Argos and Asda are out of stock for the bakeware I would like ideally. I may try the Pyrex tomorrow – how wrong can it go?

My oldest son has just completed his history assignment and it is impressive. He had a little help from me to get him started but the actual assignment is all his own work. He is doing so well with his studies even in these very challenging times with no face-to-face peer or tutor support. Universities seem very keen to give him offers too so we are on track.

Contact with my younger two overseas and my husband has improved. I guess the truth is we have always lived so closely to each other in the same house and are lost as to how to navigate this period especially as it was unplanned.  They all sounded happy and well when I spoke with them yesterday. Simple things like that are great reasons to be cheerful right now with many not able to share that particular reason to smile.

Various opportunities are coming up that interest me but I won’t say too much as we don’t want to go and jinx things.

I am enjoying hearing my brother’s tales about his opera singing and teaching career. It is also lovely to share memories of our late parents and to laugh sometimes with a tear in the eye if I am honest.  They would be amazing in this situation but we can learn from them and get through by telling stories, helping where we can and laughing a lot.

A book came through for review today which is always lovely. I also have a laundry basket arriving for review so that will be a little payback to my brother for all he is doing for me and my son. It is a very attractive and expensive laundry basket I should add.

I am eating so well here and will probably pile on the pounds if I don’t watch myself. I also sleep well give or take the odd hot flush.

I enjoyed Gordon, Gino and Fred on the television last night and red wine via my brother’s wine crate delivery made it even funnier.

I sometimes go out for a walk with my son combining it with a food shop where can. There was a small queue the other day and the supermarket staff member moved the barriers so I did not have to go all the way around. Simple acts of kindness help individuals and the community right now

I am loving Emma Kenny’s Live Clinic on Facebook. It is free and highly recommended. I get nothing for saying this. It is just true and might help whoever is reading this post with coping and mental wellbeing. Also she does meditations. The other night I relaxed so much that I fell asleep and only woke when my head banged the wall behind me!

I have just heard that the cake I have ordered for my daughter is on its way to her with a couple of other little surprises. It will be the first time she has had her birthday without me. We just need to stay strong and get through it. It is not the end of the world and our planned Paris trip will be all the sweeter when it happens.

As ever, this post has made me feel brighter. Now roll on that sausage roll!


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