Christmas chaos

As we strive for the perfect Christmas the last thing we want is Christmas chaos!

Is it time to rethink that? We can watch the adverts and read the magazines telling us how Christmas should be done. If we blog, the pressure mounts as we see what bloggers and vloggers are up to over the festive period. It it time for us to do things differently and to embrace the Christmas chaos?

1.Christmas dinner – I am quite proud that years ago I worked out that we could save ourselves a heap of stress by letting the children decide what they want to eat. So it might be sausages instead of turkey and chocolate pudding instead of Christmas pudding. They can each choose what they want and it works for us. It cuts down on food waste too. Last year we had toad in the hole followed by Mississipi Mud Pie!

2. Christmas tree – I got rid of our tree and decorations in a big decluttering exercise not long ago. Now the children have said they still want the house to sparkle. So this year we are doing it the home-made way making a tree out of branches from the park and our decorations out of pine cones. It will be fun to do it differently and with a less of a commercial edge. I will also be making some stockings or at least attempting to.

3. Gifts – I usually buy too much and as the children have got older, all they really want is gaming stuff. My teenager took his sack of presents upstairs last year and I found them not played with. So this year they will get stuff they actually wand and that I can afford. Any savings I manage to make will go to the local Foodbank teaching the kids a valuable life lesson.

4. Guests – After a stressful Christmas a few years ago due to a pompous guest, I decided that Christmas Day would be just our little family unit. It means I don’t have to feed the five thousand and try to please people with different tastes. The only thing that got me through that Christmas long ago was when my daughter spread polysterhene “snow” all over the said guest’s room serving up the sweetest revenge without me having to do anything.

Forget perfection! Good enough will do and chaos tends to result in the best memories anyway.

3 Little Buttons

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  • Nita

    We always have Christmas as a small family unit, which makes it actually much more enjoyable and less stressful! Also makes it much more easier that we spend it at my parents rather than our place! Less work and more eating for us!! haha The only chaos I struggle with every year is gifts!!! This year… I’m back in the same boat again. Well done on the decluttering. #DreamTeam

  • Rhyming with Wine

    I love that you’re setting your own traditions and making Christmas fit for you and your family, rather than letting the more commercial expectations apply pressure. Great idea to let the children chose their Christmas dinner and I have so much respect for the way that you’re supporting your local foodbank. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam and I hope you have a lovely Christmas x

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