Cocoon is my word of the week

Cocoon is my word of the week. It keeps coming to mind at various moments.

What do we associate with cocoon?

It protects whilst something develops. I feel that my medication and online support does this for me.

I love choosing a word of the week because then I go off and find out more about it. I did not know it was related to spiders and military equipment for example.

My Mum left school at the age of 12 and took on her own literacy education learning words from the Reader’s Digest every week.

Apparently a star can be hidden in a cocoon of dust. I think of all the bloggers I know who emerged and got valued for the first time in years when they became blogging stars in their own right.

Baby it is cold outside so I am often wrapped in blankets, a duvet or a patchwork quilt often joined by my super hot water bottle dog.

I feel my mind is strong these days so disturbing realities don’t shipwreck me. Either I rise about those realities or start to change them and my own.

I love that song “There’s a place for us somewhere” and now I know there is a place for me and that feels good. I quite like my cocoons.

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4 thoughts on “Cocoon is my word of the week”

  1. What a great word & feeling cocooned is, for me, an apt way of describing my January. Wrapped up, our home being our security blanket protecting us from the cold & school-germs !
    I do like your view of bloggers writing being hidden in a cocoon of dust, and finding their little spots on this massive World Wide Web has helped them emerge into beautiful wordsmiths.

    Hope you have a good weekend

  2. I love how you’ve taken this word and seen how it applies to you – I love it when that happens – when a particular word or phrase keeps coming up. I know that it is not technically ‘cocoons’ that caterpillars have but i’ve always loved the idea of them needing that time in their chrysalis/pupa to then be able to emerge as the beautiful butterflies they were always destined to be but just never realised it. I think your star analogy is even more special than that. x

  3. Of all the months, January is a perfect one to think about cocoons. So easy to wrap ourselves up. Getting ready to emerge. I remember the Reader’s Digest words. I used to choose words from them, ready to add to school assignments. #wotw

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