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Colon Hydrotherapy practitioner – Let That Sh*t Go!

When asked by an adult years ago, like most young people, I had no idea how to answer the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. I certainly did not see my present career as a Colon Hydrotherapy practitioner coming for me all those years ago, but it was a life changing personal experience that led me to understand the importance of gut health and the phenomenal influence that it has on our body, mind and spirit.

What led me to becoming a Colonic Hydrotherapy practitioner

Many folk don’t come through their teens unscathed, and I was no exception. My parents’ marriage broke up in a horrible and messy way when I was just sixteen, and I found myself abandoned in the family home, often without heat and food. I was emotionally manipulated in the process and left feeling confused about love, family and connection. It was not until many years later that I understood I’d been traumatised by the way the events unfolded, and this lead to poor choices on my part; I drank, I smoked, I used some drugs and I had a flagrant disregard of my emotional safety, getting into relationships with some quite unsavoury characters.

I paid the price. I had constipation, crippling menstrual problems, migraines, big festering spots and that’s just the physical symptoms. Emotionally I was a wreck – I was either really angry and volatile, or apathetic and depressed – and suicidal thoughts were regular visitors in my head.

Let That Sh*t Go!

And then one miraculous day, after living on the edge for about thirteen years, I fell down the stairs. I know it doesn’t sound like a reason to celebrate, but it was the kick up the arse that I needed to realise that my life was going down the toilet and if I didn’t make changes and soon, all hope would be flushed away.

So I researched ways to stop smoking and saw an acupuncturist. He was brilliant and I began to feel myself coming back to life and regaining some control over my thoughts. It was scary and I had to work really hard to not slip back to my old choices. I decided to have a career change and trained to become an acupuncturist because it had influenced me so strongly, and I started to experience something previously unknown to me which I think you might call ‘self esteem’.

Wonderful though it was, I still felt very dirty and ashamed of myself. My body was still carrying the emotional burdens of my past, and although much improved, I still had some PMT and occasionally my bowels were, shall we say, reluctant to give up the goods. I lived in fear of someone finding out my shameful past and I felt a bit of a fraud in my new role as a health professional.

Colonic Irrigation

Was there some way I could let all this cr@p go once and for all? What about colonic irrigation? Would that sort out my sluggish digestion and help get me moving again? Does anybody actually have colonics? Is it safe? Is it just for celebrities and those on a big budget? I had a lot of questions to which I needed answers and I found them by chatting with a colon hydrotherapy practitioner at a local complementary health clinic.

I was totally intrigued and not a little terrified at the prospect of having someone insert a pipe into my bottom and wash away all my poo. It was profoundly vulnerable too – the idea of all my shameful sh*t being on show to another human being. But actually, it really wasn’t so bad and after a couple of appointments, I found myself on a healing journey that is the gift that keeps on giving.

The colonic treatment gave me back my life, my dignity and my hope. It was a profound clearing, not just on the physical level but emotionally too. I processed a lot of pain, a lot of pent up emotion, and a lot of shame and guilt around my past life choices. I felt cleansed on all levels – like I’d apologised to myself and I’d accepted my contrition with open arms. My body and I became best friends for the first time in a long while, and we have maintained a wonderful relationship ever since.

Proud to be a Colon Hydrotherapy practitioner

And so I trained as a Colon Hydrotherapy practitioner and have been running a successful clinic for about sixteen years. I’ve worked with thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds and have had the pleasure of witnessing some impressive health transformations in that time.

I’ve learned that our bodies know how to heal as long as we provide the right environment for that to happen, but it’s not just about food. It’s also about self care, love, fresh air, rest and living in alignment with who you’ve naturally come to be, but most important of all, it’s about maintaining a healthy and balanced gut microbiome.

Inside your gut you have trillions upon trillions of bacteria which perform a myriad of functions like managing your digestive transit, synthesising minerals and vitamins, training your immune system and balancing around thirty five different neurotransmitters and hormones so that you can feel happy, peaceful and engaged in your life too.

Tune into your gut feelings

And you know those ‘gut feelings’ that we all get from time to time… well those things are real, and when you learn to tune in and work with your gut, you’ll have amazing judgement and decision making abilities too. When you get your gut in order, you’ll truly have a wealth of resources at your fingertips.

There is so much that each individual can do to help themselves better I began to wonder how I could reach a larger audience and share my observations and learnings from my clinical experience, and so my book “Let That Sh*t Go: 31 Things to Do if You Want a Better Poo” came into the world.

It’s a true account of my personal healing journey and offers 31 tips on how you can improve your gut function and bowel health.

We definitely need to be taking our gut health seriously and if we want to be more resilient to diseases and be happier and more fulfilled in life, we really need to start at the bottom and work up!

On sale with Amazon, Let That Sh*t Go! retails at £11.99 in paperback and is also available on Kindle. For more information about The Healthy Gut Clinic visit, email or call 07908 442211.


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