Dating Styles

Dating styles – how do you look for love and romance?

Dating does not come super-easy for many people and yet the whole topic fascinates so many of us with folks joining sites like Match Me Happy in the hope of finding love. It is like we are looking for the ultimate answer to getting it right. The viewing figures for Love Island prove this for sure. It seems just about everyone is watching it and when it is not on they tune in to hear about it on the television daytime shows or keep updated on social media. This post is about different dating styles.

Dating styles

Love Island involves contestants coupling up, completing challenges with some perhaps really looking for a soul mate and others attracted by the potential cash prize at the end. There is a huge debate about how the individuals concerned are treating each other. Another topic is folks wondering if it would be better if the contestants were not quite so stereotypically attractive when really in the real world, beauty if very much in the eye of the beholder. What sort of dater are you?

Commit too early

Loyalty is a lovely quality to have. However in the dating world it can hold you back.  Just because you have a date and find someone attractive does not mean you should let your mind run wild imagining that the person is your one and only for life. Whilst they may be looking for a casual thing, there you are planning the wedding and dreaming about what your babies will look like. Take your time until you get to know someone properly and take the time to find out what they are really looking for date-wise too.

Hard to get

The other extreme of dating styles is being so proud or perhaps shy and insecure that you end up playing hard to get. Keeping a little held back is great as advised above but if you do that too much, the other person does not know where they stand. After a while that gets tedious so they may and probably will look elsewhere. Be brave if you like someone and tell them so. Life is too short not to take a chance. Far better to take a rejection which hurts in the short-term than to live with a lifetime of regret for not taking a chance on love.

Flirty Frolics

It is fun to flirt and indulge in word play and banter. Laughter is a great aphrodisiac. However, if you do it too much and with too many people, you can come across as insincere. Nobody wants a partner who does not mean what they say. A lot of people hide their insecurities behind a flirtatious manner but in the end calm it down a bit, take your time and establish genuine connections.

Here, introverts may find it difficult to communicate friendly and be as flirty as they are in real life. So, you can use chat rooms or chatlines which offer you complete privacy without letting you face the person you are talking to. Such platforms like MyMobileline FREE Chatlines – are an interesting way to speak out your heart without feeling shy. Plus, what’s the harm of giving it a try when these platforms are available for FREE?
What sort of dater am I?

I don’t have a heap of dating history to be honest as I was a very shy young woman so dating styles are a bit of mystery to me. I have never had a clue about those things people call signals. However, shy or not, even I have managed a date or two along the way. In my teens I did not always recognise what was a date and what was just an invitation for a coffee or a pizza.

I do have the habit of falling for someone I am dating way too quickly. I have not learned how you can give just a percentage of your heart so I give it 100 per cent and that can lead to heartache in the end. So if you are dating, do try not to commit too early learning from my past mistakes.

Weirdly, I can also be hard to get. I tend to be crippled by insecurity about myself which does not help me be carefree and relaxed in dating scenarios. I  have certainly hidden behind apparent nonchalance or a witty wisecrack only for the guy in question to get fed up and pursue someone else. How dozy is that when you have actually fallen for someone hook, line and sinker? Again, learn from my experiences and if you want someone, be brave enough to tell them so.

The perfect date

I think the perfect date is one where both parties can relax. Initially I think it can be good to be in a group situation so it is not quite so intense. Moving on, I like a dinner date as it means if conversation does not flow easily at least you can talk about the food and drink. Another good date idea from my point of view is walking as you don’t have to give each other long lingering looks until you are ready to do so and can at least enjoy the scenery along the way.

The wonderful news now is that is so easy to say what you are looking for by joining  free dating sites and exploring who might be your perfect match.

What sort of dating styles do you use?







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