Dating with disabilities in the pandemic

2020 has hit us with  so many  challenges and has changed society for good. Although some of those issues are sad to say the least, some positives have emerged. More people have experienced what it feels like to be limited in how far you can go and to have restrictions on their lifestyle that they don’t like. Of course, disabled people have dealt with these matters for a long time along with the sense of isolation  that comes with them. Today, I am looking at how disabled people have dated in the pandemic.

Dating with disabilities

Dating for people with disabilities using online methods is an accepted way to meet a potential partner these days. What was once seen as a little odd is now the norm. There are advantages in getting to know someone online rather than rushing into a casual date. In a pandemic where we have faced lockdowns making meeting people impossible, disabled people are finding that the communications on online dating sites are getting longer and more meaningful.

Meeting for the first time

If the eyes are the mirror to the soul, we focus on them more these days where we have to wear face masks so often. Face masks can also give a clue to the personality or the sense of humour of the person you are meeting for the first time. If you are shy it can be so challenging to know what to talk about on a date. 2020 gives us the ready option of Coronavirus to chat about. It’s a starting point at least to get a conversation started when dating as a disabled person.

Top tips for dating in a pandemic

Stay as positive as you can. It is really easy to sink into negativity at the  moment and that is not really very attractive.

Abide by the public health rules and guidance.

Give it a try however daunting. Connection is vital when we are stuck at home and you have nothing to lose.

Take your time because the pandemic gives us that luxury. No longer do you have to rush to meet up, spend lots of cash or have sex.

Be honest about  your needs. It is OK to be shielding, self-isolating or just being extra careful particularly if you are vulnerable due to your disability.

Finding the right dating site

You may not find the right dating site straightaway. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. You may be surprised to find out how many of them have experimented with online dating themselves on sites such as Some believe that sites specifically for people with disabilities are a more comfortable place to hang out. You  might even want to focus on your specific illness or condition when selecting where you are going to put up your profile.

Believing someone is out  there

There is a saying that you will believe it when you see it. Don’t assume that there isn’t someone special out there who is the ideal match for you. Give online dating a go. In a pandemic, you have the time to get to know people and even if you don’t find the love of your life, you may find someone close.

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