Being different is good

Today I am talking about how being different is good for my Striking Mums post.

For most of my life, I hated feeling different from other people. Odd because I was adopted, strange because we visited London and other far-flung places at weekends, not normal because I liked learning and not fun because I did not like sport. Of course, all I wanted to be was popular. Nothing much has changed on that score. An old friend once told me that everyone likes to be liked but that with me it is almost an obsession. My husband tells me it is impossible for everybody to like me and I should look at the calibre of people that do.

I felt a little more at home when I went to Cambridge because however they acted, inevitably most people there had a love of learning. My differences there were celebrated as just being amusing or quirky.

After 3 years back to normal society and struggling again to find a place where I fit. As someone said to me this week on Twitter, if you don’t fit in, perhaps it is because you are born to stand out. How inspirational is that?!

If the blogging world, I have found kindred spirits who seem to get me. I like that. It makes me feel safe and I see blogging as a sanctuary.

Do you like this?


Here are this week’s questions to consider.

1. Are you different and, if so, how?

2. Do you celebrate your uniqueness or strive to fit in?

3. Are you ever judgemental of other mums who are different from you? Answer honestly even if only in your own head.

4. What would you like to be different about you?

5. Have you ever being attacked or bullied for being different? How did that affect you?

6. If you had to write an advert for yourself as a limited edition ,what would you say to make people think you were great?

Being Different Is Good

I would love to have your comments and if you blog in any way about yourself and how you are taking steps tiny or otherwise to change your life, please link up below. I will comment on every post, promote them on my social networks and include links in a round-up post next week.

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Most of all, please visit the other people linking up to lend them your support.

I have set up a Facebook group for Striking Mums – you don’t have to be a blogger to join this. You do have to be a mum.

I have also set up a Pinterest board for Striking Mums

Have a good week and I look forward to celebrating just how different you are.

    10 thoughts on “Being different is good”

    1. Perhaps it is not what you had intended, but reading this has me really interested in knowing more about you and your life! In my case especially the Cambridge years….

      Anyway I’ve joined in and will try to do so on other weeks too x

    2. I am going top find time to join in this week, although I’m not sure how to answer! Great questions Kate, too really make us look within.

      By the way, you have a special place in my heart, different or not xx

    3. This has been so thought-provoking to read. – I hadn’t quite put my finger on it until I read this but i think one of the reasons i enjoy blogging is that I can just be me no matter how different that may be from anyone else.

      How long is the linky open for this week? Would love to try to find the time to join in. x

    4. Your post is written about me. As time passes it becomes clear that we have so much in common. I had an aha moment a few years back and came to the conclusion that trying to get people to like me was not good for me. I’m far more happier being me and not hiding or changing things to fit in with what others think is the norm. Just wish I had come to this conclusion sooner instead of wasting so many years trying to fit in and not being me. No matter how hard I tried I still didn’t fit in and I felt so down because I wasn’t being me.

      Not saying everything is perfect now but I certainly more happier leasing me rather than others.

      Not sure I can get a post up this week as in hospital with DD who is not having a good time at the moment.

      Hope you are all keeping well and thank you for being such an inspiration to others. I’m quite sure you don’t realise how much you do help & support other people. Just keep being you x

    5. All linked up, as ever your posts always make me think (even if some weeks I haven’t found the time to join in)

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