Digging deep for the weekly positives

I am digging deep for my weekly positives as my day is not going well. I know from experience that this is the very time to put the good stuff down in writing. There is little work coming my way which is frustrating to say the least. I have just failed miserably in a waffle-making experiment also breaking a waffle-maker in the process. My husband is doing his usual superior act apparently always knowing how to do things so much better than I can. I am also getting fed up of doing things for other people to be nice and not even getting a word of thanks. You see – writing that out has made me more cheerful already. It would look great in that novel I keep saying I will write.

On with the good stuff ..

1. We have blue skies and sunshine today which is so very good for the soul. Loving dog-walks in this weather with my lovely oldest son where we can just be us and talk freely. It is also great we have loads of windows in the house and a double-aspect lounge so sun streams in wonderfully.

2. I am in a mood today feeling tense and irritable. So I am happy that I dug deep and when the waffle-making did not work immediately made pancakes instead of giving up entirely.

3. I am doing less housework and noticing the less I do the more other family members do. Perhaps that is where I was going wrong for all these years.

4. I did a productivity course and got so much out of it. I actually have blog posts scheduled and am on top of my inbox and so much more. I have just signed up for a positivity course. I am going to invest in my learning this year. I will start with baby steps and then perhaps take on something more demanding.

5. I got out at the weekend for the first time in weeks socially and it was clear I had been missed in the village which was lovely. It has been decades since I felt so popular and rated in my own right as the individual woman I am.

6. My oldest son sent his first tweet and it was a well thought out political one. So proud of him for being so well-informed and with amazing values too. He will go far in life – he just needs to start believing in himself but that will come.

7. My daughter has finally got over her bug and is a delight with her enthusiasms and cuddles. I would love to be able to take her on a little trip just the two of us before the year is out.

8. My youngest son is fine and seems to have stepped up on the hygiene front taking pride in his appearance and so on. The very same thing happened with my oldest son at about the same age. Means I don’t have to nag and cajole so all very good and one less thing to worry about.

9. I am still managing to carve out chunks of time for me and reading which is a delight.

There, rubbish waffles and critical husband or not, life is OK on the whole.

How is your week going?

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12 thoughts on “Digging deep for the weekly positives”

  1. Way to stay positive! I had the worst day today and reading this has helped me to realize that I need to just think about the positive things about the day. Thank you!

  2. I love that even if a day is going bad, it’s not a write-off. You’ve got so many positives here – especially with the course. And it’s great everyone else is chipping in with the housework too x #stayclassymama

  3. At least you are still seeing the positives even if the waffles were a bit of a flop.
    Taking some time out for yourself and reading more sounds good. This is something I am trying to do a little more of this year.

    Keep on being your awesome self regardless of what others say or think! Have a wonderful weekend Mrs #MMBC

  4. love how you’re looking on the bright side and I admire you actually going ahead and making pancakes rather than giving up after the waffle disaster. I am needing to look on the bright side this morning as after already 2 weeks with the inlaws staying I am ready to run away screaming, I am struggling having no privacy. Send me some of your positivity please. Lots of love to you and thanks for linking up xx

  5. We just bought a waffle maker and our first 3 attempts were rubbish. But on the weekend, we finally made a batch that were delicious and now you’ve got me craving more! Haha.

    A positivity list can be hard to write, especially when things seem really difficult, but you’ve done a great job here, and it really does help us to focus on the good things and appreciate the little gifts of goodness #blogcrush

  6. Yay for the housework! We were ill last week sot he housework was the first thig to fall by the wayside and still waiting for a chance to get on top of it again! Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

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