Dream a little dream with me

Dream a little dream with me.

I am on medication with gives me some strangely dramatic dreams almost as if I am processing past hurts and difficulties. They can be quite gruesome so I won’t trouble you with the details.

dream a little dream

There are the more pleasant dreams which also make me at peace with how things panned out in one area of life.

Of course, as past hurts are healed in the sleeping life, new dreams come to the waking life. It ain’t over yet. I am still breathing so there is still more to experience.

I feel ambitious and intend to take various aspects of my life in new directions. I want to make this blog more about my real passions rather than a mish-mash of what other bloggers write about. I have my own true voice and I must use it whilst I can. I am giving it a year to become what I want it to be or blogging and myself may part company.

I have had an aspiration for decades which I thought was a dream but actually have worked out there is no reason for it not to come true. It’s not a joke. It doesn’t have to be a daydream or a fantasy. I can rebrand it as a goal or a plan.

Of course as soon as you dream powerfully, opportunities emerge to take you in the right direction. I was going to choose cosmic as my word of the week as the order is in and the very thing turned up remarkably quickly it seems.

I am on the move and the dream will come true.

When did you last aspire to something new?

On reflection, even the apparently huge dreams are only little ones if you break them down into baby steps and put I in a cosmic order.

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  • Cheryl | TimeToCraft

    I’m at a crossroad at the moment, and if I’m honest, have been for awhile, so I really admire that you know where you are going. Following your passion. You are absolutely right about breaking it down into baby steps. You sound realistic, setting yourself a time scale too. I hope your dream becomes your new reality. #wotw

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