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Eating healthily at Christmas can be a huge challenge. At least that is the received wisdom with practically everyone you speak to saying it is inevitable you will put on the pounds or possibly upwards of half a stone over the festive period.


Should we challenge that thinking?

Today I passed the local butcher who has some amazing deals on meat. My husband pointed out that actually only he and I like traditional Christmas meats so much of the meat may go to waste unless we commit to some creative uses of leftovers.

So my first question for you is …

Are you a victim of clever marketing messages at Christmas? Believe me, these messages can pile on the pounds on the scales and remove the pounds from your pocket very effectively.

When we consider the traditional Christmas dinner, it is packed with loads of really healthy elements. Turkey is low fat. Vegetables are good for us. There are ways to cut down on calories too particularly by deciding HOW you will cook things and what additions you may or may not make.

So my second question for you is …

Isn’t it time we celebrated the very healthy Christmas dinner?

Whilst shopping today, I picked up a pudding bowl with every intention of making my own Christmas pudding this year. My husband then pointed out that he is the only one in the family that likes Christmas pudding and that he thought it was daft for me to go to all the time and effort of making one when he would be happy with a small value one from a supermarket. I ate Christmas pudding for years to avoid upsetting my Mum but I hate the stuff.

So my third question for you is …

Do you eat things at Christmas that you don’t really like? Is that slightly daft?

I am not saying don’t enjoy food at Christmas. I am not saying you are a sinner if you put on weight over the holidays. What I am saying is that if putting on pounds will get you really upset, you can ensure it does not happen.

So over to you!

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2 thoughts on “Eating healthily at Christmas – Blogging to Jogging”

  1. I cannot say I go all out at Christmas… I’m not one for the puddings, much favouring the actual meal… which is just a glorified roast. I am going to try and be careful this year and make sure I stick some gym visits inbetween! Thank you for hosting and allowing me to link up! Sim x

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