Engagement ring trends over the last 100 years

Engagement rings come in all different colours, shapes and sizes and are some of the most important pieces of jewellery that many people wear for a lifetime. Currently, couples are choosing colourful stones and very personal designs. But there have been many special trends over the years. Some of the most important ones may help you choose the perfect ring for your engagement:


Art deco in the 1920’s was a period where geometric shapes became much more prominent and could be found in architecture, furniture designs as well as many other types of designs. Art Deco styles first appeared in France and were adopted by many other designers worldwide. This was an important time for innovation in the jewellery industry. Uniquely shaped triangular and square diamonds, inspired by the architecture of the time, were used in many engagement rings.


In the 1930’s, many people wanted to distance themselves from the straight, bold lines that shaped the art deco period. Many engagement rings featured ribbons or bows and one singular diamond instead of many different stones incorporated into one design. Later, in the 1940’s, round diamonds became popular.


Aubrey Hepburn inspired the jewellery of this time period by wearing an iconic ring with different kinds of gold that made stackable rings fashionable. Fourty years after art deco had changed the face of architecture, there was a resurgence in the 1960’s which made art deco fashionable again. Emerald diamonds and asscher cut engagement rings became very popular and many young fiancés were inspired by Jackie Kennedy’s ring that featured emeralds and other stones.


In the 70’s the colours of stones on engagement rings changed to warmer yellow tones and often included thick bands. This wasn’t only found in many engagement rings and other kinds of jewellery but also in fashion and interior design. The decade afterwards was inspired by Princess Diana’s royal wedding and the jewellery she wore. Her yellow gold ring featured a sapphire centre and diamonds around it.

-Current day

Princess Diana’s wedding was no exception and engagement rings are still inspired by royal weddings today. Kate Middleton brought colourful stones to the foreground and Meghan Markle’s three-carat cushion-cut diamond ring became an inspiration to many young couples looking to get engaged.

Current day engagement rings are far more personal than they ever were. Today, rings are very much chosen according to personal style and may combine coloured stones and band widths. Even tattoo rings have become popular with some couples.

Engagement rings have varied greatly over the last century and jewellery designers have produced many interesting and inspiring designs to choose from.


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