Fantasy birthday wish list – N-Z

You find me just a few hours away from my milestone birthday. I have had a really tough week causing me a lot of heartache and making me question some of my key life choices. On top of that, I need to value life because I was lucky the other day to survive when travelling in a car when the brakes suddenly failed. There is lots more but perhaps some things really don’t need to go on the blog.

At core, I am perhaps stronger than I think and more special than I am often treated so let’s get back to my fantasy birthday wish list.

N is for nudes. I have loved nudes for years possibly since seeing some amazing pencil drawings in the Master’s Lodge many years ago. I wish I had taken down the name of the artist as I remember the Master saying they felt the artist would do very well and that they had made a very good investment. It appears I may be getting a large painting of a nude woman for my birthday. The painting already holds memories because of where it is currently displayed and if I do get it I suspect it will stay with me for life.

O was a letter I struggled with but a friend suggested an overseas trip would fit the bill. I would love to visit Italy next although long-term I want to go to Russia and fulfil that childhood dream.

P is for perfume because my current bottle of Poison is running out fast. I don’t know whether to replace it or try a new fragrance entirely. I like bold in your face perfumes. P is also for penguins as I love anything related to them.

Q is super-easy as it is for all things Queen. Don’t Stop Me Now and all that!

R is for Radox as I still think it is so very lovely in the bath.

S is for seals because I have loved them ever since visiting Gweek Seal Sanctuary with my parents as a child. When they asked what I wanted to do on the last day of our holiday, I insisted we return to see the seals and one in particular who had been shot through the head. I wrote to the founders afterwards and they wrote back and I had an autographed book about the place for years on end. S is also for soaps as I love those quirky home-made types with vibrant fragrances.

T is for tantalus because I miss the ones my parents had holding 3 decanters. I don’t know why I found it so exotic perhaps because it was locked and I had no idea where the key was kept. T is also for theatre because it is perhaps the thing in life I love most. I have not been a lot for the last two decades, one of my great joys lost in the marriage and parenting mix. This needs to change. It is my life too!

Unconditional love – this was a friend’s suggestion and it is something I crave. I am not sure I have ever had it and it must be wonderful.

V is for vin or wine but as I will spend my milestone birthday with new French friends let’s leave it as vin.

W is for wok because I do not have one currently. My first was bought by a college friend for my 21st and it sparked an interest in Chinese food and one pot cookery.

X is for Xylopone because I want one. It really is as simple as that.

Y is for yoga. I have always wanted to get into this and made some attempts but never seem to stick with it. Again the issue is about me taking time to work on myself rather than just cleaning, working and parenting.

Z is for zebra-patterned knickers because I was struggling and an old school friend suggested this one. Well, why not?

Which of my choices do you like best?

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6 thoughts on “Fantasy birthday wish list – N-Z”

  1. Oooo come visit me in Norfolk during January and I’ll take you to see the seal pups on the beach at Winterton, you can get so close and it’s a beautiful beach, a great walk and my fave way to to spend a day in early January (apart from New Years Day, that’s crazy busy) Happy Birthday you lovely thing xxx #TwinklyTuesday

  2. You have a great list here and a lot of them are unique too! I hope you have a lovely birthday – keep us posted if you get the nude portrait!!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

  3. Happy birthday Kate! I hope you found time to treat yourself to something lovely. Theatre is my favourite too! I just love musicals and anything with dance featured in it. Sending all the birthday wishes and thank you for bringing light hearted fun to the #dreamteam this week xxx

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