I am fat and I know it

There is something wrong with me. I have to see a Practice Nurse to discuss too much sugar in my blood. Which means I am presumably either diabetic or prediabetes, neither of which are good.


I cannot keep abusing my body particularly with lack of exercise and comfort eating.

So I am investing in myself. I have bought some Weightwatchers scales which measure BMI as well as weight. I have a new dvd player so I can try out some of the countless exercise videos I have bought over the years.

I am fat and I know it. I also hate it. It eats away at my self-esteem.

I can lose weight. I have done it before and was making great progress into the year from Hell hit us last year.

I think my problem may be that I have always tried to sort out my body or my mind and not both.

I am officially on Prozac and I feel so much better 2 days in to this new journey. I look online and folks say that is just a placebo effect. Whatever it is, it means I have tackled the housework with enthusiasm for a change.

If I get my act together, I could get this weight shifted in 18 months.

It would be lovely to be slim again and to ever look nice in clothes.

The awful truth is I weight in at 17 stones, 6 and three quarter pounds.

In a week I will weigh less and I will track my progress on my blog.

All tips, advice and support very gratefully received.

I Am Fat And I Know It

3 thoughts on “I am fat and I know it”

  1. If you do have diabetes then I don’t think you can do the fasting diet 5:2, but look on the site & it will tell you. https://forum.fastday.com/ There is also a good tracker on the site/forum. You enter your stats & it draws graphs which is great for motivation. Remember housework is exercise – hoovering (did that Monday), carrying heavy shopping bags for some distance (did that today).

  2. all the best with it. I KNOW you can do it! We keep saying that we need to take steps to a healthier lifestyle too but my big downfall is binge eating in the evenings. I even brush my teeth early to deter myself but I just don’t always have the willpower. Blogging until late doesn’t help as i then get hungry again late at night. So I know for me it is early nights and stronger evening willpower that I need. Hopefully your blog will keep you accountable and that helps. xxx

  3. It’s so difficult isn’t it? I don’t want to be overweight either but I am a terrible emotional eater. I’ve promised myself I will get slim for summer.

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