Feeling positive on the cusp of Spring

Apparently Spring actually starts well into March but it’s March tomorrow so it is time to think about the joy of one of my favourite seasons. I find Spring a really cheerful season. All the signs of new life emerging as a great analogy for life where we all have ups and downs. We also come out of the darkness into the light time and time again. So here is my weekly celebration of the good things in my world.

1. Today it is cold and rainy but we have occasional bursts of sunlight. It is still warmer than it has been for many weeks. We have stopped buying logs. Even better, my husband is going out into the woods and chopping logs which makes far more sense financially. We have had about a week of glorious sunshine and I am sure it will be back soon. Forest walks are so much nicer when the sun is shining and I swapped my winter coat for a spring one this week. I also felt we really need to start taking drinks with us.

2. Today is rent payment day. We pay three months in advance so I always feel a little stressed as we hurtle towards this time of year. The flip side is that once it is paid I can relax a bit.

3. I have allowed myself lie-ins and am reading a book about an American woman in Paris. I have also finished the remarkable “Brave” by Rose McGowan and will be reviewing this on my blog soon. She has a fascinating life story to share and some of her thoughts about the behaviours of men felt like they were written just for me. We must call abuse out when we see it. We must question our own behaviours. We must ensure our daughters and grand-daughters have a better life free from physical, sexual and emotional threats to their wellbeing.

4. My 18 year old is reading my Dad’s Naval memoirs. He is finding them interesting and reflects it is strange to think that Dad joined the Navy when he was just 17 younger than he is now. As ever, we have had a week where my son has informed us about world affairs, raged against injustices and generally made me proud of the man I brought up.

5. My daughter made me smile yesterday by saying she is working “on my next novel”. She has an incredible imagination that I am frankly totally in awe of. I took the most gorgeous photograph of her yesterday after she was sent a designer dress to review. She is changing this girl of mine. Usually she shies away from photos being taken but this one is stunning and she has the most beautiful smile. Better still this photo is not air-brushed or tweaked and nor is she. She is perfect just the way she is. We all are – we just need to wake up to our own individual beauty, skills and talents.

6.My youngest son nearly got himself into deep water when I asked him “What is cleaning in French?” “Women’s work!” he responded. What is great about this is that he was absolutely joking and apologised immediately. Both my sons are feminists and value women and girls, I got few things right in life but I got this one spot on.

7. There is no amazing social life to speak of this week. However, my daughter did brave the bar for a lemonade on Saturday afternoon. She got a lot of attention and was presented with a flower. She was clearly a bit anxious but handled it and did not want to leave immediately which is how it would have happened not that long ago.

8. I was offered a baby/toddler product by a brand. I asked them if my step-granddaughter could have it and they agreed.

9. I am investing more time and energy in the blog and learning all I can because we can always improve. Reading “Brave” and learning yesterday that yet another family has suffered domestic violence has reminded me of things that need to change in this world of ours and I am reflecting on how I can help.

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Feeling Positive On The Cusp Of Spring

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