Feeling tense

Why am I feeling tense?

Actually I am OK right now although I am tense in terms of excitement as I research a dream I have for the future. I guess that is a good thing and I am reminded that you can experience both positive and negative stress. You need to take very good care of yourself whichever of those applies.

feeling tense

Yesterday morning, I felt so tense and ready to snap. I could not work out why but life’s little frustrations really got to me. Silly things like my husband leaving a load of apricots right in the sight of our dog who decided they were playthings.

There are the worries about my son’s health and how this will impact on his GCSE year but mainly concern that he is not getting better as quickly as we expected.

You do have to be careful as you don’t seem to be particularly effective when feeling tense.

I spent the afternoon looking for some important documents and found them but swear I had looked for them only a few days earlier in the place that I found then.

I think I need a break but how exactly do you manage that what with work, freelancing, home education and home management. I know it is important though – perhaps a change of scene even for one night would help loads.

So in case you had not already guessed my word of the week is tense!

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5 thoughts on “Feeling tense”

  1. I do think sometimes a little break can make all the difference as it just breaks that cycle of everything getting to you when you are tense. Hope you’re feeling more relaxed soon x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. You are right that tense can be both positive and negative. It can focus the mind, which in a way, is a luxury for everyone that spends their day multi-tasking. Hope you get your break. Even just a short one.

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