Female Chronic Pain, What Is It And How To Deal With It

Many women face chronic pain for many reasons and background illnesses. Chronic pain can take out of us the common sense, the clear mind, undermine the hormonal array and add to our lives depression at a variety of levels and anxieties. Women are more likely to deal with chronic pain than men; that is often because women are more prone to autoimmune disease and overactive immune responses. Female chronic pain may be aching muscles, soreness, fatigue and general sluggishness. It may be related to a folic acid deficiency, anemia or hormone levels but your health is important; so it’s vital to look after it. 

1. Embrace the pain 

Many times the struggle to suppress a sense of severe stress only focuses us on the pain and causes it to take up more space in our consciousness. Instead we must accept the feeling of anguish, understand that it warns of difficulty and is often part of the body’s latent healing process. So instead of struggling and repressing give the pain a place, let yourself experience the anguish and do not fight it. Learn to be at peace in your mind and body.

2. Maintain activity 

When it hurts us there is a significant temptation to go to the room, curl up in a blanket. However, studies around the world show that the right way is the opposite and it is worthwhile to maintain our activities. You should consider gentle exercise such a light walk, swimming, or cycling. You could join classes for Pilates or beginners Yoga. This can also be beneficial for your mind too; anxiety and depression can be better managed when exercising as it releases endorphins. 

3. Activate electrical nerve stimulation 

One of the least known ways to deal with pain is by operating a machine that stimulates the skin nerves by an electric battery. This is a device with two pads attached to the battery that are placed on the skin. You should consult your GP before using.

4. Try alternatives

CBD oil is one thing that is natural and non-addictive and has great results for chronic pain. You may need to start on a low dosage and work up and you must maintain usage for months to feel its effects but you should be aware of its assistance. It works by relaxing the body and causes calmness in the body. You can click here to find out more. 

5. Go to a pain clinic 

Before going to the doctor, it is worth knowing that there are pain clinics in the world and online, where you can learn about chronic pain, and how to deal with it within the body. In some places there are also films about an international method that has been proven to reduce pain and is very effective. You can join groups with people who have similar symptoms – because you will find that even your most remote and obscure symptoms will be shared with someone else somewhere in the world. You are never alone. 

6. Look into treatment procedures

Some forms of chronic pain can be treated by undergoing surgery or a lengthy rehabilitation process. Instead of having to manage your pain, you may be able to finally find freedom from it. Many muscle and joint pains have treatment options available. These treatment options may not always be available through the NHS, which puts some people off pursuing them. Consider whether there are other ways of paying for this treatment if this is the case. For example, in the case of an injury caused by someone else, you may be able to seek out legal compensation with the help of an attorney such as a car crash lawyer


A doctor will be able to outline exactly what treatment options are available. Be wary that not all pain can be treated with a procedure.


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