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What is wrong with Feminism?

The F word as in Feminism seems to cause some women so much angst and I struggle to work out why.   I became aware of the word in the mid-to-late Eighties.  It seemed to involve women getting or fighting for a positive deal and as a big fan of fair play, I was ready to sign myself up to the cause. What is  wrong with Feminism? My view is that Feminism is essential but some women and men seem to disagree quite strongly.

I did not burn my bra but I hated it then and now.  I was apparently seen by some as sexually confident when hanging loose but the truth was I have sloping shoulders and just got bored of keep pulling up the straps.  I did join a women’s group at college and eventually became Women’s Officer to ensure that women’s views were heard by the college authorities (women were very much in the minority at my college).

What is wrong with feminism?

There was a session on women’s voices in media at BritMums Live.  Helen from Actually Mummy, one of the speakers wrote a blog post about it.  She explained how the following tweet gave her confidence to share her vision.

Women can be intelligent even when wearing tiaras.

— Claire Evans (@claireyfairey) June 20, 2014

Absolutely.  Women can be intelligent whatever they are wearing or not wearing for that matter.  Equally, some women may not be intelligent and/or may struggle to express their wants and needs particularly with those in power – employers, landlords, benefit agencies, the police and other organisations.  In the domestic arena, some will find it tough to get a fair deal in the home.  And some will die.

Proud to be a feminist

As an advice worker, I saw so many vulnerable women up against the authorities and who had made rash decisions “because I love/d him”   Any yes, I have seen the bruises and the emotional damage to female victims of physical and sexual abuse.

Feminism should never be merely a dinner party conversation or a specialism in a career.  That is a further abuse to those who are suffering. There are vital changes to be made if we are truly to feel proud of the society in which we live.

I do feel we should challenge men who act badly as women, men and as a society at a whole.  If I quote statistics on matters such as crime that make some men (and women) feel uncomfortable, if I think it is for the greater good I will keep on doing so.

I do think that if women are to be understood and heard, it would be helpful to see more of them in politics, business and the media.  I also feel think those women who have made that journey could do a lot for themselves and others by offering mentoring to others.

Women’s voices online

Blogging and social media give women the opportunity to have their say on topics that matter to them.  We can learn from each other too and it strikes me that sharing not only our story but those of others can be such a powerful force for change.  Which certainly makes me want to press those share buttons more often now that I have thought it through. Let’s share our truths and then those who do have power can make the right choices for a fairer world from an informed position.

Working together and supportively for a better world knowing that women are a valuable part of that world – now that’s what I call feminism.

Agree or disagree? – leave a comment and then I can start to understand your voice too especially if you can tell me what’s wrong with Feminism?











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  • Penny A residence

    Since I started blogging I think less and lots more about feminism, I feel so surrounded by amazingly string women. But then I take a peek at the world beyond and what those women write about that and I get fired up again. Caitlin Moran was amazing on stage this week in notts, can’t wait to read her book – she for me is a really great voice on the matter.

    • Kate Davis-Holmes

      I will check out Caitlin Moran’s book on your recommendation Penny.
      There are many battles still to be won for women and I do think blogging and those of us who area able having our say can only help us and society to work it out.

  • Kate Davis-Holmes

    Thanks for reading Helen. Your words both at BritMums Live and on your blog really made me think.
    I think all of us are so informed and influenced by our backgrounds when it becomes to our own particular forms of feminism. So long as women are looking out for each other with good hearts and taking action to make things fairer as they can, we are probably roughly on the right track

  • Sarah Ebner

    I think feminism is still about women getting or fighting for a positive deal and, like you, I’d also say that I’m a big fan of fair play, so would count myself a feminist, and a proud one too. I can’t disagree with your post at all – and am all for more women’s voices being heard across the spectrum (and not just there for window dressing).

  • MMT

    Certainly through the power of the internet and ability to connect with women you would never have met otherwise, something has risen. I have been so inspired by some incredibly confident and strong women through blogging, it’s opened my eyes a little. I still stand by always being a feminist at it’s very basic level – to strive for equality, regardless of gender.
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

  • Helena

    I’m all for equality regardless of gender, race etc. Females certainly do rock and I’ve met a number of lovely people through writing online. #CoolMumClub

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