Where do you fit in? Best Boot Forward!

Where do you fit in? That’s the hugely personal question I am asking you to reflect on this week as part of the  Best Boot Forward campaign to improve your life positively.

Fit In

Have you ever done a jigsaw and believed that one piece did not fit anywhere at all? It is frustrating and we can sometimes feel like that ourselves in life perhaps particularly if we are introverts or experience social anxiety.

Have you ever tried to make a jigsaw piece fit even though you know deep down it is not a smooth fit so belongs somewhere else? Perhaps you have felt a bit like that jigsaw piece as you stay in a relationship, job or course that is not quite right.

It is thrilling when we get a piece of a jigsaw in its right place and all the more so if we have struggled to find that place. Are you struggling to find your place perhaps in a new location or in life generally?

So my questions this week should you wish to answer them quietly in your own head/heart, in a blog post or over on our Facebook community are …

  1. Do you feel you fit in and if so, where and who with?
  2. What prevents you fitting in? Should you accept this or change it?
  3. Are you forcing yourself to stick with something that is just not healthy or right for you? Who can support you to extricate yourself from that situation?
  4. If you could find your ideal place anywhere whether location or circumstances, where would that be and why?

I will be answering these questions myself and posting about them this week. I think there might be some deep insights to be had as I address them to myself and I hope they help you plan some positive baby steps to a better future too.

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