Five Household Gadgets That Actually Make Housework Easier

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Let’s face it, no one likes doing household chores, but they’re something that needs to be done if we are going to stay on top of the cleaning. But what if there was another way? What if there were gadgets that could do some of the cleaning for you so that you can spend more time doing the things you want to do, and less time scrubbing the floor? The good news is – there are gadgets like that out there! Here’s our list of five gadgets that we love. 

  1. The Roborock robot vacuum and mop

If you have hardwood floors, then you know that keeping them clean is a two-part job. First comes the hoovering to remove dirt and debris, and then next the mop to clear away grime and stains. If you hate either of these two chores, then a Roborock robot vacuum could be the gadget for you. The reason why we love the Roborock robot vacuum is that it’s a 2-in-1 gadget, handling the hoovering and the mopping of hardwood floors all in one. 

  1. The LG Twin-Wash washing machine

In most houses, especially those with kids, laundry seems to be never-ending, and you can literally spend an entire day loading and unloading the washing machine. Although the LG Twin-Wash won’t stop your laundry piling up, it will help you to get through it twice as quickly with its amazing 22kg capacity. With that much space, you can practically fit a whole week’s worth of laundry in the machine at once, leaving you more time to do other things. 

  1. A smart dishwasher

Washing the dishes is perhaps one of the worst chores out there. Although you can rectify this problem with any dishwasher, if you’re going to invest, then make sure you grab a smart one. Smart dishwashers come with built-in wifi connectivity, enabling you to control your dishwasher with an app, and to see alerts and notifications about where the dishwasher is on its cycle – handy right?

  1. A robot lawnmower

If you have a garden, then you’ll know the struggle that is keeping your grass trimmed during the summer growing season. Although some people may enjoy mowing their lawn, most of us see it as a time-consuming, hot, and sweaty chore – which is where a robot lawnmower comes in. Using GPS or boundary technology, a robot lawnmower can safely trim your garden down to size without you needing to lift a finger. Simply set the perimeters of your garden and let the lawnmower do its thing – some even empty themselves too!

  1. Robotic litter trays

And lastly, if you own a house cat, then you need to check out a robot litter tray. Robot cat litter trays look like small space stations and deal with your cat’s waste as soon as they produce it to stop it smelling. The clean cat litter is then rotated around the drum to remove any large particles and is then laid out fresh for your cat to use again. 

So there you have it – five simple household gadgets that are well worth the investment if you can’t stand doing all of your household chores and would like some help with the spring cleaning. Would you like one of these gadgets? Which is your favorite?


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