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Forget New Year’s resolutions and put your best boot forward!

It’s the start of a brand New Year so all the talk in the media and on social networks is about resolutions and life change. For many that can feel a little overwhelming and yet more pressure when women are already juggling so much.

One of the big problems with New Year resolutions is that they can be over-ambitious and end up being just another excuse to beat ourselves up emotionally for not doing well enough.

New Year

Best Boot Forward is different because you set your own agenda about what you want to achieve or change about your life. You may or may not fit into the common aims to lose weight, to give up smoking and so on. When I first started changing my life for the better, walking once around the block was a huge challenge as I struggled with post-natal depression. Similarly, you may have really enormous goals such as changing career, becoming a student or starting/ending a relationship.and as Rome was not built in one day, you need to break it down into baby steps.
So all we ask this week is that you find a quiet5 minutes (often a challenge in itself!) and really reflect on one area that you would like to change for the better this year.

So you can share with us in a blog post or on our Facebook group the following:

1. What would you like to change?
2. How do you feel this change will enhance your life?
3. Who can support you as you make a positive change?
4. What is the first baby step you can take to move towards your goal?

As we embark on our Best Boot Forward journeys, our hopes and dreams may change. Our lives will throw curve-balls too because most of us go through great ups and devastating downs along the way. What we can promise is that Best Boot Forward will stick with you every step of the way offering our insights, challenges and support.

Oh and as a final bit of fun, why not show us your favourite pair of boots either ones you own already or ones you would like to.


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  • Morgana

    Hi Kate,
    I saw this as I follow you on Twitter. I am interested in joining a blog hop with positive minded bloggers like yourself.
    Oh gosh, now I sound like spam. Sorry. It’s a genuine interest.

    I used to blog almost a decade ago and thoroughly enjoyed blog hops. I seem to have rusted up and forgotten much of what I learned. Use it or lose it as they say.

    Is there a current blog hop that maybe has a little support?

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