3 reasons to hate football by Laura

My daughter has 3 reasons to hate football and decided to write to her Head teacher about them.

Reasons To Hate Football

Dear Mrs X

I think football should be banned every day.

Here are my reasons:

1. I don’t like being hit by a ball. Why should I be hit when I am not playing?

2. It can break windows and windows cost a lot!

3. It takes up all the room as well as friends falling out.

Because of these 3 reasons to hate football, I hope you do ban it at breaktimes.

Yours sincerely


So when it comes to football, is it a case of love or loathe?

Do you have any tips for encouraging your kids to be more active and will you join in?



Little Hearts, Big Love

1 thought on “3 reasons to hate football by Laura”

  1. Bless her! I could have written the same thing myself! Although I agree children should be encouraged to exercise, football in a playground is dangerous. #ftmob

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