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Fostering facts -give a child a new home

What are fostering facts and statistics and might they encourage you to look at fostering as a life option?

I was fostered at the age of 11 months and adopted a few months later back in 1970. I am always interested to hear about developments in fostering and adoption.

Local Authorities, with the support of leading organisations and charities such as Ofsted, the Coram, The Fostering Network and IFAs (Independent Fostering Agencies), play a leading role in securing a brighter future for children in care.

To give you an idea of how important the foster care industry is to helping these children fulfil their potential, Foster Plus have pulled together some facts and stats that will shed light on this vital service.

I urge you to read which I think may hold some surprises for you.

For example I found it really encouraging that 52 per cent of fostered children remain living with their foster carers after their 18th birthday. That suggests something is going very well indeed. My adoptive parents fostered me first and I am aware how vital fostering was in providing specialist support for an abused person I know. Fostering rocks in my view and I just wish more people would look into it.

As I was fostered 200 miles away from my birth family, I have many children are now placed closer to home. 88 per cent are placed within a 10 mile radius of the local authority. I hope this enables closer relationships with family members or members of their support network where possible.

As a person who has several siblings who I have never met, I think it will usually be best if siblings are placed together so they can support each other through a time of upheaval and change. 70 per cent of sibling groups are placed together which seems a little low for me but perhaps there are good reasons why.

Please do check out the infographic and share on your social media accounts. You might encourage someone to look into fostering and down the line that too can lead to a safe and secure environment for a vulnerable child in need.

Are you surprised by any of these fostering facts?

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