My friend

We met when I was in my teens.

At first I enjoyed having you around thinking having you as a friend proved I was intelligent and interesting.

At college, you would wear me out sometimes and I would take to my bed for a full day.

That used to worry my other friends but I knew you and I understood each other and had our own business to attend to.

As life has gone on, you dip in and out.

You tend to turn up unexpectedly and sometimes I am not ready for you.

You got in the way a bit when I had a baby.

I think I am guilty of putting you first sometimes.

The truth is when you around, I find you irresistible.

At such times, I don’t really want to be with anyone else.

Your words are more cruel now.

You tell me just how fat and ugly I am.

When I explain my hopes for the future, you say I am deluding myself.

Even when I say to leave me alone, you keep catching up with me and telling me that nobody else wants me.

I have online friends now who tell me I am OK.

Some even use words like intelligent, funny and interesting.

They send me virtual hugs in times of crisis.

You say they would recoil if they met me in real life.

And I wonder if you don’t feel the way they seem to why you want to be my friend at all.

1 thought on “My friend”

  1. Hi Kate
    I read your blog most days but today I after reading you post I feel outraged at the behaviour of your friend. No friend would say such outrageous things. I wonder if she is jealous of you and that is why she is putting you down. Don’t listen to her you don’t need friends like that, time to move on (and when you move forget to pass on your new address)and make new friends who love you for the wonderful person that you are.
    Best wishes

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