Funny things kids say in summer

What are the funny things kids say in summer?

The one that really amused me this week was when my teen daughter offered to make a drink for her teenage brother.

Funny Things Kids Say

“Goodness me, you must have heat stroke as you are being so nice to me” was the ungrateful response from him.

Sibling rivalry between the boys has been more harsh this week with an expletive or two in the mix. A stressed out 16 year old waiting for GCSE results and a nearly 12 year old hurtling towards puberty does not always make for a peaceful brotherly relationship.

Meanwhile, my daughter is working out her life plan and has announced she will be an artist who lives on a houseboat in France with a big brown fluffy cat called Coco.

My 16 year old has less of a fixed idea of what he wants to do with his future and has decided not to pick up his GCSE results from school based on the strategic decision that as the girl of his dreams is not collecting hers from school there is little point in him doing so!

There are so many more and I am going to start collecting them as they happen as they are great at the time and then so easy to forget when you really don’t want to.

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  1. The comment from your teenage son about heatstroke being the reason why his sister was being nice made me chuckle – I remember similar exchanges between myself and my siblings when I was in my teens. Love your daughter’s life plan too. Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

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