Getting your groove back on Blue Monday

The media tell us that today is Blue Monday. How can you get your groove back on days that are blue?

I have had a less than ideal week and sometimes felt distinctly like my groove was missing in action.

The key to being a groovy mum is not to accept feeling down but to take steps, even if tiny ones, to change things.


Here are the little things I did that helped..

1. Held the #groovymums Twitter party on Friday even though I had not promoted it very well and was busy with less fun things. It was well attended with some really good points being raised. One that sticks in my mind was about perhaps not pining for who we used to be and instead deciding who we want to be right now and in the future.

2. Got out in the fresh air.

3. Visited a book sale. Sometimes just looking at book titles can make us want to try new things or remember interests we have not pursued for a while. I remembered my love of Charles Dickens, I recalled an amusing Twitter conversation with Gok Wan and also picked up a book for people who do too much. I think as mums we all do too much sometimes and my teenager son had mentioned my habit of doing so earlier in the day.

I also got a book of quotations and will share this with you today.

“My mother taught me that no matter how sad, scared or unwell I might feel, a good giggle works wonders. Even during the most challenging times, my mum is able to raise a laugh and make herself and everyone round her feel good”

Three Groovy Tips

1. Watch something funny on the television. Do whatever it takes to give yourself a giggle. Blog about what made you laugh this week.

2. Indulge your body in a little pampering this week – new haircut, spa day, sparkly nails or whatever. Tell us about it.

3. Investigate volunteering on the Do-It website. Wisdom has it that helping others puts our own issues into perspective and gives us the feel-good factor. Volunteering can lead to new skills, fantastic friends, training and employment. You have nothing to lose by checking what is available in your local area or further afield.

If you blog about the baby (or huge) steps you are taking to move forwards positively, link up below and I will promote your posts.

9 thoughts on “Getting your groove back on Blue Monday”

  1. I’m about to go running… I’m back on it and determined to keep with it! Great groovy tips this week Kate. Volunteering is on my 35 at 35 list, but I’ve just not gotten around to organising anything as yet. Link added 🙂

  2. Another fab post Kate. Love those tips and have implimebted some myself already! May I recommend a general mood busting one? Laugh the alphabet. Seriously try it it just cracks me up! Laughter is the best medicine! X

  3. Great post!I do love a good giggle – my top mood booster is sticking some music on and dancing for all you are worth (singing at the top of your voice is optional), it’s even better if the kids join in 🙂

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