The Great British Bake-Off blog challenge

Are you excited at the return of the Great British Bake-Off on our television screens?


I love the programme with all the different ideas for tasty treats, the banter and getting to know the individual bakers as the weeks go by.

I don’t think I could enter the show though as I would hate having to work with other contestants around.  I would find that a real pressure.

Inspired by the return of the show, I have set myself a challenge of baking some of the things featured on the show week by week.

My mum was a marvellous baker famous for her scones, her walnut cake, her butterfly buns and her mince pies.  She cooked as a job, at home and at community events.

I enjoy baking – I find it calming, creative and love seeing people relish what I turn out on my best days.  I don’t claim to be a great baker but this challenge might help me improve along the way.

So every Wednesday, I will write a post showing what I have made the week before and how I got on, mistakes and all.

I have already made a Swiss roll and intend to do a cherry cake and mini cakes of some description inspired by the TV show.

I am making this a linky in case anyone wants to join in and so that we can all learn from each other and have fun.

You can find recipes and inspiration on the Great British Bake-Off website

Fancy joining in the Great British Bake-Off Bloggers’ Challenge?

As with all my things, there are few rules.  Simply post a blog showing your baking efforts inspired by Bake-Off preferably with pictures and/or video.

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Make an effort to visit some or all of the other posts linked up.  That’s all part of the fun of it.

Over to you!



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  1. I only found out it was back on the other day! I haven’t watched yet so know nothing about what was made but I’ll look forward to reading your posts & maybe joining in!

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