Grin and bare it

PrintGrin and bare it.  That is what I am doing today as I share my reasons to be cheerful.

1.  We have introduced earlier bedtimes which means we are getting slightly more time together as a couple so we remember who we are.

2. I managed to put something approaching an Egyptian costume together for my son for school at very short notice.  You may think it involved a big girl’s blouse and a scarf from the Eighties but I couldn’t possibly comment.  The genuine pendant and chain from my brother’s holiday in Egypt set it all of nicely.

3. I had Eggs Benedict in town the other day at a lovely café in the square ideal for people-watching.  Also spent some time sitting on a bench and reading the wonderful Judas Scar and you can read my book review.

4.  I attended an appointment about volunteering and think I can be of use to the organisation concerned.  I think I may have babbled on too much, one of the inevitable consequences of spending way too much time on my own.

5. I reached out to someone I thought might have fallen out with me.  It was just my imagination so all is resolved now.

6. Did I mention I am going to France next Friday?  I am looking forward to some proper relaxation with fine food and wine and sunshine.

7. I have written about feminism and hairy legs on the blog this week.  Too often, I don’t end up sharing opinion pieces on the blog and I want to do more of this type of stuff.

8. I am really enjoying Instagram and also looking through old photographs full of magical memories.  I also bared all leg wise on Instagram because I can.

9. A naval historian has kindly offered to check over my Dad’s memoirs in case I am mis-reading the handwriting and getting place names and technical stuff wrong.  Also the association for people involved in Safety and Survival have said they will promote the memoirs.  This is so important to me.  I want to see Dad’s stories getting to the people who will find them of interest.

10. We had a brief meeting in school and are having another to move matters forward about my daughter who has not settled in and is being very verbal about her views of the other staff and pupils.  I am worried but at least we are communicating and trying to move things forward.

11. The children have gone to after-school club this week because I just don’t cope very well in this heat.  I am pleased that my husband understands that and puts in place the things I need.

12. We have finally had my teen son’s options confirmed again after taking action and chasing it up.  He is not getting all the ones he wants but there is still a good balance and I am looking forward to supporting him in the next school year.

13. I have picked up some Ebay bargains just in time for pay day.  These include a folding table and chairs for our tiny kitchen, two leather look chairs and footstools for the lounge and a storage thing for homework and school letters.

14. I have enjoyed more time on Twitter and connecting with bloggers in various ways.

Au revoir and all that!




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